The Old Fashioned Pizza Test – Red Apple Lipstick – Part 2

The Old Fashioned Pizza Test  –  Red Apple Lipstick  –  Part 2 post image

The first day I wore the Red Apple Lipstick, it was a day I put it through the wringer.  No lipstick should ever have to undergo such torture.  In fact, I would go so far as to say no lips and mouth should ever have to undergo such torture.  By the end of the day, my lips were on the raw side and my mouth was scalded so badly that my taste was still off by the next day.  Oh, and no, I did not do that on purpose.  😛

Poorly insulated mugs of hot tea (with just under boiling temperature drinking edges) and lots of over-baked and super rough, crunchy pizza with hot patches of sizzling cheese made up the torture instruments of the day.

How did the lipstick hold up under this torment?  I’ll put it short and sweet: I was impressed.

One of the girls posed for me

Not having a lip pencil on hand that would work with the color, I had just put the lipstick on my naked lips.  Therefore, I did have a fair amount of bleeding around the edges (I’m guessing from the big pieces of pizza I shoveled hungrily into my mouth). The super-hot and super-harsh food and drink I was passing through my lips did come away with traces of lipstick that melted off clinging to them. Especially that useless hot tea mug. Wow, that was so hot…  It should be criminal for mugs to get that hot.  But despite all the persecution, I went back and looked at the lipstick after all this torture to see what havoc I had wrecked on it. Yes, the edges were a bit smudged. Yes, the sandpaper pizza had ground off some color in the center of my lips. But I still visibly had bright red lipstick on. I repeat: I still had red lipstick on! Some edge wiping and a quick, small retouch later and I walked out as good as new.

On other days, I wore the lipstick while eating and drinking through some normal meals and the damage during those times was quite minimal. It still needed a very light touch-up in the center of my lips, but only to keep the color entirely even.

I have a confession to make: I’ve never been much of a lipstick gal. Usually, it just seems to be more trouble than it’s worth, even before I went gluten free and had all the options I could desire.  But Red Apple Lipstick just might be changing my mind. I love it. Really and truly, love it.  I can’t recall ever having a lipstick that lasts as well (not even ungluten-free ones!), it feels luscious on my lips, the colors are outstanding and I know that everything I’m putting on my lips not only will not hurt me in any way, but will bathe my lips in healing butters and vitamins.  I’m hooked.  Red Apple Lipstick is officially a staple in my makeup bag.


I had decided to test out the lip gloss after I finished with the lip stick, because I simply was not able to keep it in my possession.  I’d get it back for half a day, then it’d be gone again.  I got the impression they kinda liked it.  😛  So, since the lip gloss is pretty popular with the girls, instead of just getting a review from me, I’m gonna tell y’all what they have to say about it too.  😉  Look for that in the third and final post coming later this week!

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