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Date published: 2016-02-11
Review Item: Mirabella Beauty Velvet Lip Pencil
Explosively Colored and Kissably Soft Lips – Mirabella Beauty review image

Picture this: Colorful, polished, velvety soft lips. Gracefully cheery vanilla scent. Effortless lasting power. All through the work of a single product.

Yep. This exists.

Had someone described this to me, I would have told them it was my dream product. But I had no idea my dream product existed until now.

On the whole, I’m a pretty low-maintenance gal. If it needs to be touched up on a regular basis, if it’s likely to bleed, or if it’s just a pain to apply, it usually ends up somewhere in the back of my makeup drawer. But then, I really love colorful lips.

So what’s a gal to do?

There’s lipstick, of course. But to get it looking really good requires a lip pencil, or detailed application. Too much work for this gal’s daily routine.

Lip gloss? Pretty stuff, easy to apply, love the shine. But hair on my lips drives me wild, making it difficult for me to enjoy wearing it.

Lip pencil? Great precision, but usually kinda dry and waxy. Not usually very pretty on it’s own.

But how about something that combines the best of all of the above?


Gorgeous, right??


Crazy easy! Pencil on, rub lips together a bit, BAM. Done. Slide it into your purse and check after eating a meal. You might want to reapply in the center, but you probably won’t need to fuss with it any more than that.


Intense and highly pigmented. It’s amazing how much pigment is packed into such a little amount of product. While the coverage is not as intense as a lipstick, it is very close. The colors are gorgeous and wearable. I’ve now tried a good selection of these pencils and all of them are true to the website’s portrayal. And look at them. Look at those brilliant, gorgeous colors! –>


Silky and velvety. It glides on your lips in a thin coverage that feels light and airy. You might even think that it’s too thin, except that the color on your lips is perfectly vibrant. Because it’s so thin, make sure that your lips are well exfoliated before using. If there’s any dry flakes, they will show up far worse using this than if you went bare-lipped. However, plain dryness is not much of a problem.

Staying Power

Truly excellent, if applied properly. Don’t put on lip balm before using! And make sure you apply it with a light hand. There’s plenty of color to go around. If you do apply it heavily or if your lips are freshly moisturized, then the pencil will feather over time. But as long as you don’t smear it on, and your lips are not freshly moisturized, it will stay extremely well. Apply in the center after eating, but that’s pretty much the only time it needs touching up!

Mirabella’s Velvet Lip Pencils are rapidly becoming my go-to lip product. I’ll never stop loving lipstick, but the “grab ‘n go” appeal of these pencils is unbeatable.

Speaking of grabbing… Grab yourself some and fall in love too!

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