Gluten Free Makeup Monday- The 1st!

Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Cosmetics.

Have you ever read through a brilliant makeup tutorial only to realize that a key product used was not gluten free?  And even worse, you had no way to get it gluten free?  Yeah, that drives me nuts too.  So I decided to fix it.

Welcome to the first Gluten Free Makeup Monday!

So here’s the deal:  This is a new weekly series.  Every Monday, I’ll post looks that I’ve put together with completely gluten free makeup.  At the end of the post, I’ll give you the list of all the gluten free cosmetics I used for the look.  There will be original looks from me, but you’ll also see some Gluten Free rehashes of other creative makeup artist’s looks.  Because, you know, there’s way too much creativity out there NOT to try and convert to gluten free.

So!  Without further ado!  Gluten Free Makeup Monday!


This is a look I’ve been playing with for a while now, inspired by the fun trend of using vibrant blue liner.  Monave’s Bright Blue eyeliner is definitely blue, but isn’t a “holy moly it’s BLUE” kind of blue.  It makes for an everyday look that shakes up an otherwise average routine.

Start by prepping your face using your favorite gluten free foundation (in this look I used Emani’s Liquid Foundation).

  1. Using your ring finger, apply either an eyeshadow base or a concealer to your eyelid. I used Afterglow’s concealer.
  2. Sweep Monave’s Versatile Mineral Powder Blizzard #71 across the lid.
  3. Lightly apply Monave’s Mineral Powders Cafe Latte #51 to the crease.
  4. Blend gently, but well.
  5. Line just above the top lash line with Monave’s cream to powder eyeliner in Espresso.  Keep it as close to the lashes as you can, and start to thin the line as you reach the inner third of your eye.
  6. On the outer third of your upper water line, run the eyeliner back and forth a few times.  This will help give the appearance of lush and full lashes on the outer corners.
  7. Take Monave’s eyeliner in Bright Blue and liberally line the entire lower lash line.
  8. Brush two layers of Emani’s Soy Mascara onto your entire upper lashes, then go back over the outer third one last time, concentrating on the tips.
  9. Fill in your brows.
  10. Finish off with the gluten free lip gloss of your choice, a little bit of blush and you are done!


Gluten Free Cosmetic Products Used:

Foundation: Emani’s Liquid Foundation


Base: Afterglow’s Organic Aloe Concealer

  1. Monave’s Mineral Powders Blizzard #71
  2. Monave’s Mineral Powders Cafe Latte #51
  3. Monave’s Eyeliner Espresso
  4. Monave’s Eyeliner Bright Blue
  5. Emani’s Soy Mascara


  1. Red Apple Lipstick’s Brick Lip Liner
  2. Red Apple Lipstick’s Ruby Glass Lip Gloss

Blush: Red Apple Lipstick’s Strawberry Lips Lipstick

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