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Now, I’ve heard a lot about Urban Decay.  Some of my fav YouTube makeup artists just rave and rave about UD and it’s been at the top of my “to try” list for a while now.  So, some time back (before GFMG), I sent off an email to them.

I received this in reply.


Hello The Gal,

Thank you for your inquiry. Here is a spreadsheet on all of our items. Hope this helps! If there is a checkmark on a particular product in the Gluten free category it is gluten free. IF you have any questions please feel free to write back. Have a wonderful day.

Urban Decay
Customer Service


Now, this was before I knew how to ask properly to get all the information I needed.  😛  What I really wanted to know was how they deal with gluten; do they account for cross contamination; etc.  But at least they knew about the issue, right?

However, because she did not give me a detailed answer and because I was still learning about gluten free cosmetics myself, I held off on ordering UD.


But recently, I really needed new eyeliner bad, so contacted UD again with more specific questions; hoping to be able to use some of theirs.  Here’s what I got in reply:



Thank you for your email. Unfortunately not all our product are gluten free. Please look at the ingredient list to see which items do not have gluten in them. If  you have any further questions please feel free to reply to this email.

Urban Decay

I was a bit shocked by this reply.  You’re kidding, right?  I can’t just look at the ingredient list and know what has gluten in it!  It can hide everywhere, in everything, and though I can look at a label and tell whether or not it might have direct gluten in it, I can’t know for sure!  There are too many variables in cosmetics and only the company can know which way they go.

I’m hoping this particular UD support person is just new, or something.  Because the last gal at least gave me a good answer to the question I asked.


At any rate, Urban decay is not gluten free.  As far as I know, they do not bother with cross contamination issues and like most other large companies, previously “gluten free” products are not always going to be gluten free.  Even though most of the eye shadows (for instance) were gluten free Spring 2011, it doesn’t mean they always will be.

So if you want to avoid gluten in your cosmetics, don’t buy Urban Decay.  It’s not worth the risk.  🙁

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Placed into drawers: Gluten Info, Not Safe

  • Hey Gal, I’m about to make a gluten Free Eyeliner.

    • *gasp* Really!? Holy cow!! That would be AWESOME!! I honestly have not found a good gluten free eyeliner yet. About when will that be coming out?

      • Anonymous

        haha, pretty cool huh?? Realistically? Probably 6 months.

  • Gal, this totally appears to be the norm for companies that simply try to sell a ton of makeup with no over-regard for safety. Not at all like the motto of Red Apple Lipstick where safety supersedes overall profits.

  • Kitty-Bitty

    Thank you so much for the attached list of UD makeup – I have gluten and wheat allergy and much as I love the colours of the 24/7 eyeliners, they have given me puffy eyelids and red eyelids wiithin a day or 2 of using them. The ingredients listed on the product boxes dont indicate gluten so I assumed it was safe for me and had been trying out different eye make up removers thinking they were the culprits. But had also stopped using 24/7 eyeliners due to the red puffy eye effects that i still seemed to get. Now I know why!! Cos they do contain gluten. Thank you for the info 🙂
    I checked Too Faced website and they claim the only gluten product they have is the borderline lip pencil, so I’ll be defecting to too faced for eyeliner from now on.
    Thank you 🙂

    • You are most welcome! So glad I could help. 🙂

      Do bear in mind, UD updates their list quarterly. This particular list is actually outdated. Eyeliner is super super common to have gluten in, so it’s unlikely /that/ will have changed, but it’s always best to double check. 😉

      Also, TooFaced did not pass my test for safe makeup. The reason why is because of the danger of cross contamination in their facility. For instance, their eyeliner will almost certainly be contaminated by the lip liner, since those products likely share the same equipment. So be wary!

      I’d recommend you try NARS for an available-in-store eyeliner. All of their products are gluten free, though I’ve never tried anything of theirs before. But I’ve heard it’s good!

      Best of luck! 😀