Gluten free lipstick that stays on and looks fabulous! – Red Apple Lipstick – Part 1

Gluten free lipstick that stays on and looks fabulous!  –  Red Apple Lipstick  –  Part 1 post image

I’ll give it to ‘ya straight:  I’d about run out of hope for gluten free lipstick.  There’s a lot of pretty stuff out there, but most of it is more like colored lip balm than real lipstick. Which, you know, is great for some applications.  Heck, I even used to keep Burt’s Bees colored lip balm in my purse at all times, until I found out it’s not gluten free (*very sad face*).  But that’s totally not lipstick.  Like, not even close.  Seriously, when a gal wants lipstick, she wants lipstick; am I right?  Yeah, thought so.  And I was half-way convinced there was no such thing as the real deal in the gluten free world.

Then I found Red Apple Lipstick.  Who claims to be “the best lipstick and lip gloss on the planet”.  And who is also gluten and paraben free.  And who claims to have real stay-on power.  And who boldly states to be completely awesome.

My interest was totally snagged, but I was a bit skeptical.  This sounded like “the perfect lipstick”.  And I’d never yet met the perfect lipstick, especially not a gluten free one.

But then I got the “Red!” lipstick and the “Ruby Glass” lip gloss in the mail.

All the girls in my family clustered around the package as I examined the contents.  The packaging of both the gloss and the lipstick felt high quality and the colors were amazing.  I was just noting that they looked exactly like the pictures on the website, when the lip gloss was taken from my hands and a quick “May I?” ended with it vanishing into the bathroom to be applied.  I had to wait a bit to try out the lip gloss myself.  😛  But I did try the lipstick right off.


You know that luxurious feeling of putting a super rich butter on your skin?  The way it seems to caress and soothe your tired body?  That’s what this lipstick feels like on my lips.  Smooth, soft, silky, mmmmm…  Then the sweet, natural, beeswaxy honeyish scent.  Not overpowering, but very pleasant as it wafts up gently.  Then the color.  And wow, this is really red!  Not a primary red, but a rich, succulent red, that seems to lean a teeny bit more towards the yellow undertones than the blue.  Bright, bold and seriously attention grabbing.

This is truth:  I wore a simple black t-shirt, jean skirt and light eye makeup the first day I wore this lipstick out.  And I’m not sure I’ve noticed so many people looking my way ever before.  I kid you not.

Next week, I’ll tell y’all my first experience with the wear and tear properties of the lipstick, and what happened when I finally got the gloss back.  😛  Stay tuned!

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