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I’ve had great success with Emani’s products in the past. They have a gorgeous collection of vegan makeup that does not sacrifice trendiness or quality for their natural values. In a world of gluten free makeup that is often focused on only the basics, they are a breath of fresh air.

Today I’m reviewing their How 2B Guide, Day Diva. It is basically, a look in a box.


The kit includes:

  • 3 eyeshadows- Sand, Peach Attitude, Safari
  • 1 lipstick- Ava
  • 1 brush- V3 Shadow


All three of these shadows are shimmer, including the darkest (which is Safari). Both Safari and Sand are warm browns, with Safari being a deep reddish shade, and Sand a soft, nearly golden color. Peach Attitude is a gorgeous warm pink that lives up to it’s name.

Color payoff is excellent, the shades are complimentary to each other and combine into a beautiful palette. However, the finished look is quite a bit heavier than I personally tend to wear my makeup. It’s pretty, beyond a doubt! But these shadows combine into one of those looks that is “oh I have makeup on today”. I suppose that lines up with the Day Diva title, but it was a bit more than I at first expected. This might also be due to the shimmer. When even the contour shadow is shimmer, it tends to bring the makeup into focus.

However this is still a wearable look. Not overly trendy, yet feeling up to date. Warm, flattering colors that are easy to wear. Just remember that every single color is a shimmer. If you love shimmer, that’s perfect! If you tend to avoid it, these three shadows may not be for you.



The first thing to note about this lipstick is the incorrect color that is shown in the images. Both the images below are from the Emani website.

The one seen in the photos on the website is very pink, and if you look at the photos on the box, the color is even pinker. But actually, the lipstick is a warm, quiet color. As you can see in my photo.

daydivaavareal_gluten_free_lipstickWith a very slight sheen and wearable color, this lipstick actually goes well with the eyeshadow shades. Though I was disappointed that it wasn’t a brighter pink like the pictures indicated, it’s still a nice lipstick.

The texture is lovely; deliciously moisturizing with minimal smudging and decent lasting power.

All things considered, I guess what really speaks the most about this lipstick is that I’ve been carrying it around in my purse ever since I got it.



Made without animal hair, this brush is of course vegan friendly, but also hypoallergenic. Sometimes if your face feels itchy after applying makeup, it could be the animal hairs in your brush. Whether or not you follow the vegan lifestyle, sticking with synthetic bristles avoids this problem.

The V3 is a pretty basic shadow brush, the kind everyone needs in their kit. It does the job just like you’d expect it to, applying color smoothly and fully. With enough bristles to pick up a lot of shadow, you can pack a wallop of color with just a few strokes.


All in all, the How 2B Guide; Day Diva is a great kit. With versatile colors that are easy to wear together or separately, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with it. At $28, it’s an inexpensive and super easy gift too.

Check out the kit HERE!

Would y’all be interested in seeing what this kit looks like when applied according to the instructions included? Let me know in the comments!

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