Contemporary, Gorgeous, Mineral Based Gluten Free Makeup – Mirabella – Part 1

Mirabella Gluten Free Makeup – Part 1 Mirabella Gluten Free Makeup Part 1

Sometimes, through hard work and industrious digging, one can come up with a brilliant gluten free makeup company that is totally safe and totally underrated and nobody’s ever heard of them. Other times, one can dig and dig and dig and somehow, that gem of a company has been sitting right under your nose the entire time.

That’s how it was with Mirabella.

I kept hearing about them and hearing about them, but really knew nothing about them. There was nothing on their site about being gluten free. So it was only from random Twitter people tweeting brief comments about “gluten free makeup!” or “gluten free lipstick!” that I even heard of Mirabella possibly being gluten free.

Finally, I just decided to email them and find out once and for all if they were really gluten free.

And I’m so glad I did.


Last week I shared with you the unboxing of Mirabella’s gluten free makeup. I promised a full review and here it is! The first part, anyway. This will be a two part series. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!

As you saw in the video, the packaging starts out the Mirabella experience fantastically. Everything from the bright red box in the mail to the high quality containers for the gluten free makeup, everything is well designed and beautifully presented. But the positive experience doesn’t stop there!

Mirabella Gluten Free Makeup

Here’s what was in those pretty boxes:

Eye Colour

Unique shades, fantastic color payoff, beautiful soft sheen and good blending combine to make these some truly excellent eyeshadows.

I think the Bitter Honey is my fav. The coppery gold color brings a warmth to simple looks without drawing attention (I think I’ll share what I’ve been doing with it for a Gluten Free Makeup Monday sometime).  But then I think about the understated, blue-green sheen of the Aquamarine and how it brings a subtly mermaid-esque feel to the look, and I’m torn between favorites. Then I think about the vibrant, bold pink of the Pretty Edgy and how it rides the line of being violently colorful, but wearable, and I just give up on choose favorites.

End result? All the colors are fabulous and I can’t get enough of them. <3

Eye Colour Matte

With great staying power, gorgeous rich color and good blending, this is pretty much the perfect matte gluten free eyeshadow.

I’m in love with the Melancholy color. I’ve even started using it as a brow color. It’s gorgeous, with good color payoff, but it’s just that perfect brown shade that can be practically nude or built up if need be.

Pick 4 Colour Palette

Mirabella Gluten Free Eye Shadow PaletteI love the weight, feel and usage of this fantastic palette. It’s high quality, sturdy and compact. I’m kinda obsessed with it, actually… LOL! It’s just so handy! I’m looking forward to going on a trip so I can gleefully toss my palette in and feel like a gluten free makeup, space-saving, organizing Queen. Though actually, I already kinda feel like that now. Hehehe!

I’m so in love with this, it’s almost silly. But hey- don’t judge me for loving cool things! 😛 At $17, this is really an incredible deal. I’ve seen cheesier palettes for at least this much. This may be one of the nicest, most well made eyeshadow palettes I’ve ever used.

Magic Marker Eyeliner

I’m a huge fan of felt tip liquid eyeliners. It’s lovely for getting that sharp, clean, cat-eye look I’m so fond of, all with only one tool. Talk about efficient!

Mirabella’s felt tip is a wee bit chunky, but not so much that it’s much of an issue. The liquid is thin and may require a second coat, but partly because of that it also sets lightening fast. I didn’t actually give it a second coat at all, because in my normal “hunt down the places I missed the first time” run over it just naturally filled in the thin spots.

The only real downside to this eyeliner is that it is not waterproof. I wore it on a day that I was rather sniffly and sneezey, so had pretty watery eyes much of the day. While the top liner had no issues, I found that wiping the tears away from my eyes smudged and washed away some of the little cat-eye I had done. So this is definitely not an allergy day, sad movie, or wedding eyeliner. 😛 However for average use, I really don’t think it would be a problem.

Overall, I really like this eyeliner. It has a clean line, does not smudge unless coming directly in contact with water and then wiped away, and has a richly black, matte finish.

And that completes Part 1 of the Mirabella gluten free makeup review! Stay tuned for Part 2, in which I review the rest of the products and wrap everything up, coming in just a few days!

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