The Gentlest Gluten Free Skin Care Around – Lemongrass Spa – Part 2

Lemongrass Spa Gluten Free Skin Care and Makeup

This is Part 2 of a 3 part review. For the first portion of the review, check out Gluten Free Skin Care that Makes you $$.

Last Friday, I shared with you the company I’m so excited about, Lemongrass Spa. What I love about them is their variety, their care in their gluten free skin care product processing, their all natural approach and their opportunities for women to sell their products to make money on the side. I’m really excited to be able to share this company with you.

Last week I began reviewing their Travel Face Care Kit for Oily Skin. But I got sooo long winded, I had to split the reviews up into several posts! lol!

So here’s the rest of the Skin Care reviews:

Dead Sea Facial Polish

Lemongrass Spa Gluten Free Skin CareI love scrubs, of all kinds. It’s just one of those products that my face responds to really well. But sometimes, to get a good scrub you have to deal with it being a wee bit harsh. That’s just how it goes sometimes and I’m OK with that. But this scrub is so gentle. Leaves my face so soft and exfoliated, without the burn that often accompanies a scrub. I may or may not be addicted to it now.

THIS is my favorite of all the gluten free skin care products I got to try. It does it’s job gently and thoroughly and makes my face just glow. I’m delighted with it.

Tea Tree Face Cream

Y’all have heard me complain about heavy face creams time and time again. I just have way too much natural oil to deal with much more on my skin. However, sometimes, after a really strong scrubbing session with some product or other, or perhaps too much hot water on my face (bad idea y’all, bad idea!), I really do need a little something.

This cream does the trick.

It’s light, kinda fluffy, spreads well and does not leave my skin oily in the slightest. It’s quite frankly the perfect amount of moisturizing for my skin type.

Overall, my experience with the Lemongrass Spa gluten free skin care products has been excellent. I would add them as regular members to my little arsenal of skin care in a heartbeat.

Part 3 of this Lemongrass Spa review comes out tomorrow! Check back to find out what I thought of the gluten free makeup I got to try!

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  • Jill Breheny

    I’m thrilled you loved the Dead Sea Facial Polish as well! For those with more sensitive skin, our Pomegranate Facial Polish is heavenly:

    • Oh, I saw that. It looks lovely! I think this Dead Sea Polish is pretty gentle, even for sensitive skin. But then, my skin isn’t very sensitive so perhaps I’m not the best judge of that. lol

      • Jill Breheny

        So true– everyone is different and that is why I love that we have products that are for Gentle Skin as well! (I fit in that category!)