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Pure Skn Gluten Free Skin Care

Gluten free skin care with tea in it. Oh yeah, and it’s all natural and organic too. Curious? ME TOO. That’s all it took to send me scrambling to find out more. As it turns out,  Pure Skn is a line of both skin care and cosmetics that focuses on making the basics natural, organic, excellent and accessible.

Our skin care products contain natural free radical busters, such as vitamins A, C and E, red rooibos tea from South Africa, and white and green teas, among others. To complete the synergy of our expertly formulated ingredients, we have infused our products with therapeutic grade essential oils to further support the body’s ability to repair and renew skin as well as improve emotional and mental well-being.

Seriously y’all- TEA. It has tea in it. Also essential oils. But tea. This isn’t something you see very often. Of course you’ve heard about how tea is an antioxidant powerhouse and how we all should drink it, yada yada. Everyone knows that. But what about putting it on your skin? Combined with vitamins? And truly all natural ingredients?

Sounds like a winner to me, y’all. 😉

Pure Skn's gluten free skin care

I got to try a couple products from both the skin care and the makeup lines, but for this review I’m focusing on the gluten free skin care.

As might be expected, both products have an interesting, yummy, earthy and decidedly tea-ish scent. You can catch whiffs of both the teas and the lavender and rosemary essential oils, which combines into an interesting and fresh aroma.

Pure Cleanser

With a creamy, yet light texture, this cleanser is no fuss and down to earth. For being so soft to the touch, this cleanser is surprisingly tough. I’ve found it to be much more exfoliating than I had anticipated and helpful in keeping my skin from getting too oily. While not advertised as a cleanser for oily skin, I feel that it may work particularly well for that skin type. With neem oil, olive oil and aloe vera, it is not particularly drying, even for the notoriously harsh troubled skin type cleansers.

If you are sensitive to aloe vera juice, you will want to be wary of this cleanser. But all in all, I love the way this cleanser smells and how thorough it feels on my face.

Pure Moisturizer

I’m not exactly a moisturizer type gal, in fact tending to skip it frequently. But crazy enough, I think this is my favorite of the two skin care products I’ve tried. No, really.

The lightness of this moisturizer, how it never makes my skin oily, and the soothing yet invigorating qualities it has make this something I’ve been using daily since I had it in hand. I love how it leaves a faint tingling on my skin for a few seconds after application. Not even vaguely uncomfortable, just “alive” feeling. It feels amazing, even on my troubled skin. Which, after a stressful move and the holidays, I’ve had a lot of lately.

But there’s another reason I’ve fallen in love with this moisturizer: It makes for an amazing base to mix my mineral foundation in and create tinted moisturizer. Soaking in quickly and never leaving creases, I’ve begun using this quick “tinted moisturizer” that I blend in my hand every single time I put on makeup. Since it never makes my skin oily, I don’t have to worry about “too much” moisturization. I just get all the awesomeness of tinted moisturizer completely gluten free and in my favorite mineral foundation shade.

In the next few days, I’ll be posting my reviews of some of the Pure Skn cosmetic products- including a mineral foundation you can make that tinted moisturizer with. 😉

This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Check back in a few days to see part 2!

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