How to Make Money with Gluten Free Makeup

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It’s time. You’re gonna do it.  No more thinking and hemming and hawing.  You’re gonna do it!  So you sit down at the computer and start the signup process for Avon.  You’re going to make a little money on the side and drop your personal cosmetic costs in the process.  And then you remember…  “Oh yeah…  I can’t use Avon anymore…  Their products aren’t gluten free.”  You think for a moment.  “Mary-Kay, then?   …  No, no, that’s right.  They aren’t gluten free either.”  Fingers poised above the keyboard, you sit in your chair, puzzled.  “How can I make money on the side with gluten free makeup?”

I’ll give ‘ya 3 ways. 😉

  • Arbonne

    Arbonne is certainly the most famous of these three choices.  Their independent consultants can be found all over the place, ready and willing to answer any question you have.  Though the company’s website is a bit confusing as to their gluten free policies, I have talked to them via email and all of their products have been formulated without gluten.  They said something about testing suspect ingredients, or at least I think that’s what they meant…  At any rate, they are eagerly going after the gluten free market and seem to take great care to cater to them.  Plus, they not only have lots of makeup, but other types of products if you wanted to branch out.  😉

  • Monave

    Monave specializes in mineral makeup and they truly rock at what they do.  But the thing that’s really cool about their wholesale opportunity is that you can white label the products.  You could put your own brand on there!  They also sell bulk pigments and bases so you can mix your own colors.  I’m seriously tempted to do that just for myself!  This would be a really fun way to go if you’re interested in building your own brand and customizing things your way.

  • Youngevity Mineral Makeup

    Youngevity is a relatively new child branch of a larger, all natural company.  The line is still in development in the online presence department, but the gal who does the facebook page is seriously on top of things and can give you any information you need.  This company has amazing colors and has the potential to go far, I think.  This would be a wonderful opportunity for someone interested in helping a new brand grow and flex; get in on the ground floor, you could say.



Here is one more way to make money with gluten free makeup!  So yeah, I lied, it’s not 3 ways, it’s 4.  ‘Ya mad at me?  …  Didn’t think so.  :tounge:

  • Red Apple Lipstick’s Affiliate Program

    This is brand spankin’ new, folks!  It doesn’t require you have have any inventory, it doesn’t require you to consult with people, though it does require a website or a blog.  But hey, if you’re already doing that, then this is easy!  As usual, RAL has done excellently with this and it’s super easy to use.  You’ll have to sign up with ShareASale, then find RAL as a merchant, but this method also gives you a chance to sign up with other companies without having to sign up multiple times.  If you’ve got a blog, go sign up and make some easy moolah!


Got any other ideas on how to make money with gluten free makeup?  I’d love to hear ’em!  Let me know in the comments!

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  • Melissa J Lee

    Thank you so very much for your web site, I was just told I have Celiac Disease in January 2012, so far the food transformation has been hard enough, but I am still trying to find the right shampoo and conditioner. I used Panteen for many years and what I am using now is causing sores on my head. I have not worn any make up since the diagnosis and I am afraid to do so. Your web page is a wonderful find. Thank you very much.               Melissa J Lee OKC, Oklahoma 

    • Hey Melissa! Thanks so much for your comment!!

      EEK! I HATE sores on my head!! Have you tried Himalaya’s shampoo? Tested gluten free, all natural and works great!

      Well, here’s hopin’ that you’ve found some makeup you’re willing to try now. Not that any gal needs it, but it’s awfully nice to be able to “pretty up” on occasion. 😀

      Thanks again for your comment and good luck on your Gluten Free Journey!

  • Ryoji Otani

    While I love your website much more than any other website out there I just have one thing to say and this is as an AVON Rep: He do have many GF products and while they are not all listed as GF there are some that are. However, AVON has always provided all the ingredients to all of their products and you can find them at AVON or through any representative e-store. Even Mary Kay has gluten free products and even they are providing the ingredients for all of their products.