Is it, or is it not? THAT is the question. – e.l.f.

Is it, or is it not?  THAT is the question.  –  e.l.f. post image


It has been brought to my attention that e.l.f proudly states that they use wheat protein in at least one of their mascaras.  This discovery means that the e.l.f. support gal knew nothing about e.l.f.’s gluten free status.

This tells me that e.l.f. is NOT safe.  They are, at best, clueless and at worst, lying about their products to sell them to everyone.  STAY AWAY FROM E.L.F.!


I keep hearing people rave about e.l.f. makeup and have been wanting to try certain products of theirs for a while.  But right after I decided I just had to try their eyeliner, I discovered gluten in my makeup was bothering me.  🙁  So I held off on getting some until I could find out if the makeup was gluten free.  Considering that e.l.f. is such a big company, I didn’t hold out much hope on it.

A quick email to company resulted in…  Nothing.  For a week I waited, then again, lost patience and contacted them through the help chat.  The transcript of that chat is below.

02:19:43 PM [Esther] Hello, thank you for contacting e.l.f. cosmetics, my name is Esther, how may I help you?
02:19:48 PM [The Gal] Hi Esther!
02:20:31 PM [The Gal] I contacted e.l.f. some time ago about the gluten content in the products and have yet to receive an answer.
02:20:50 PM [The Gal] So, I’m asking you now. 😉
02:20:53 PM [Esther] Our products do not contain gluten or beeswax.  Please be aware, however, that we cannot guarantee that the machinery used to process our products are completely gluten free.
02:21:08 PM [The Gal] Wow, -none- of the products have gluten?
02:22:01 PM [Esther] No
02:22:11 PM [The Gal] Sweet! Thank you!
02:22:43 PM [Esther] You’re Welcome, is there anything else i can assist you with today?
02:22:50 PM [The Gal] Is there any place on the website that states this information?
02:23:52 PM [The Gal] I’m starting a website dedicated to gluten free makeup, and with the growing gluten free demographic, having this info where everyone can see it would be very beneficial to a lot of people.
02:24:55 PM [Esther] I will pass this info along to my manager and have them update the site with it
02:25:57 PM [The Gal] Awesome! Is there a way you could let me know when it’s updated so I can update my site as well?
02:26:45 PM [Esther] I’m sorry I would not know that info
02:26:54 PM [The Gal] OK. 🙂
02:27:04 PM [The Gal] Well, thank you very much!
02:27:16 PM [Esther] You’re Welcome.  Have a nice day!
02:27:21 PM [The Gal] You too! 😀

e.l.f. has yet to post this particular info on their site.  What I would really like to do is get a hold of someone who actually knows a little more about the process.  If gluten is in none of the products, do they share the machines with something else that does have gluten in it?  I didn’t bother asking this gal, because it’s obvious she had a canned answer and didn’t know anything about it personally.  But since I still haven’t received a reply via email from e.l.f., I’m really not sure how I’m going to get a hold of anyone else.

At any rate, I’ll keep y’all updated on this.  For now, e.l.f. does not directly contain gluten.  Cross contamination could still be an issue however, so I would recommend staying away from e.l.f. completely.  Even if your skin isn’t as sensitive as the rest of your body, it just isn’t worth it.  Stay tuned for some more posts about makeup that really is gluten free!

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