Dozens of Gluten Free Beauty Products; 1 Company – Arbonne

Dozens of Gluten Free Beauty Products; 1 Company – Arbonne post image

I regret to say that in light of new information, I have removed Arbonne from the Gluten Free Makeup List and no longer consider them gluten free.


Read why HERE.


You see them everywhere.  In the local market, in the newspaper, on the internet, at your friend’s party, etc.  They have everything and are so accessible- portable tables piled high with beauty awesomeness, ads chock-full of lists of products you need, eager friends who rave and rave about the products they sell…  You’d love to buy from them, because they’re right at your fingertips and it would support your friends…  But is it worth it?

I’ve been mentioning Arbonne for a while now (in this post and this post, for instance), but haven’t got a chance to try it until recently.  What fascinates me about them is the massive number of products they have, the loyal fan base and the fact that the entire line is considered gluten free!  As I understand it, Arbonne conducts in house gluten testing to ensure the products are gluten free.  I’ve had a very hard time getting even that much info out of the company, and I’m still not 100% sure that’s what they do.  At any rate, they do engage in some sort of gluten testing.

To guide me through my Arbonne adventure, I had the sweet and lovely Aubrey by my side.  She got all kinds of samples to me and the one thing I was truly dying to try- Arbonne’s gluten free mascara.  Oooooh yeah, baby.  B-)


So!  To start us off!  Here’s what I got:

  • Perfection Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 (several different shades)
  • Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 15 (several different shades)
  • Lip Polish (raisin)
  • Triple Action Mascara


Perfection Liquid Foundation with SPF 15

With good coverage and a perfect finish, this is a good, solid liquid foundation.  Nothing fancy, though the SPF 15 is nice.

It might be the shades I got and it might be just because I’m notoriously hard to match, but none of them seemed to really match my skin tone.  I think this foundation is probably best for people with slightly more common tones.  😉

Also, it might just be me and my powder foundation preference, but this seemed to take forever to wash off.  That perfect finish comes with a cost, but for most people it’s probably worth it.


Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 15

This foundation has particularly astonishing coverage and muted out red spots with minimal application.  It applies very easily and isn’t as fussy as many pure mineral powders.  However, it seemed to dry my face out a bit, which is probably the Bismuth Oxychloride in it.  Not everyone reacts to Bismuth though and the coverage was really nice.

Again, the colors were not quite right for my skin, but should work perfectly for someone with a more common skin tone.


Lip Polish

First off, the color and pigment of this is amazing.  POP of vibrant color and so incredibly shiny, my lips looked nearly photoshopped.  I was gazing at them in awe of how utterly gorgeous they looked.

But the really weird thing is…  Well, I had a terrible allergic reaction to this lovely stuff.  My throat began to close up and that has NEVER happened to me before.  It was kinda scary.  Fortunately, I realized what was going on quick enough to get all the polish off before my throat swelled too much.  A few homeopathic remedies later and I was fine (minus an itchy throat…).

I honestly have no idea what happened and I’m really sorry I didn’t get to see how the polish lasted in the long run.  Because seriously, it was gorgeous.  I know the reaction had nothing to do with gluten, because I know how my body reacts to that.  But looking at the ingredients just totally stumps me as to what could have been the trouble.

Oh, and one of the things I noticed while I was washing the stuff off my mouth…  It tasted terrible.  Like chemicals.  Honestly some of the worst tasting stuff I’ve ever put on, in, or near my mouth.  Which makes me wonder…  Could the hot Texas sun have made the sample go bad, or something?  I can’t believe people would buy and love this product if it tasted that bad all the time.  But honestly, after that scare, I don’t think I’d have the guts to try another sample to find out…


Triple Action Mascara

This is beyond a doubt the very best of the stuff I got to try from Arbonne.  With the big natural bristle style brush, the look it gives to lashes is natural and full.  It’s not waterproof, but I’ve done a bit of allergy-type eye watering and even an episode of some real weeping with very little trouble.

My main complaint is the fall out.  If you brush it in and just leave it, this mascara will leave dark gray semi-circles under your eyes over the course of the day.  Fortunately, thoroughly brushing through the eyelashes with an eyelash comb significantly reduces this issue, and even when it does fall out, a quick brush under the eye with my thumb gets rid of most, if not all of it.

Oh, and perhaps the very best part of this mascara?  It does not irritate my sensitive eyes at all.  Even when I accidentally poke myself in the eye thanks to a puppy crawling into my lap at the wrong moment.  😛   I love that.



All in all, I can’t say I’m overly impressed with Arbonne.  I know they have major fans all over the place, but I only really truly liked one out of four of these products.  Now, I have heard that Arbonne’s true excellence is in their skincare, and I didn’t try that at all. At any rate, as far as I can tell, Arbonne’s main draw is their massive selection of decent gluten free products.  If you really need something, Arbonne will probably have it and it will be gluten free and it will be decent.

I do totally encourage you to try out the mascara though.  It’s extremely rare to find a gluten free mascara at all, much less one that isn’t just entirely frustrating to use.  So if you can find one that looks good and works decently…  Snatch it up.

Thanks a bunch to Aubrey for giving me to opportunity to check out Arbonne!  She’s a sweet lady and a breeze to work with.  Make your life easier, skip any people-related headaches and get your mascara through her.  😉

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  • Amanda

    The only Arbonne product I absolutely LOVE is their primer… but it’s a little too pricey for me to buy regularly!

    • Oh, I’m glad to hear there’s something of theirs you love! lol But yes, most everything Arbonne is extremely expensive… :-/ Too bad.

  • Christine

    One thing to note is that since Arbonne is botanically based, it is possible that you could have had an allergic reaction since there is no such thing as non-allergenic. I have been using arbonne for a year along with my daughters, one who is Gluten Intolerant. We love the products, and trust the company. I have always been able to get whatever information I need from them. I use the lip gloss and it does not ‘taste terrible’ to me as you claim. The prices are comparable to what you would pay in the department stores and I save tons by being a consultant and maximizing my discounts. I could go on but the point of my comment was just to point out that no one products is going to be perfect for everyone. I do hope you will try to get the information you required to list Arbonne once again as Gluten Free.

    • Thanks for the comment Christine! You’re absolutely right that it was probably some other kind of allergic reaction, especially considering that I’ve never had a gluten reaction like that (like I said in the article). In fact, since writing this article, I’ve come to find that I’m very sensitive to avocados and have similar reactions to them as I did to the lip gloss. Also I’m glad the lip glosses don’t all taste terrible. lol I’m still thinking it might have been a rancid sample that I got. Would totally explain it.

      Thank you so so much for the comments! I’m really happy Arbonne works for you and your family. Really, when it’s all said and done, everyone must judge for themselves what their individual gluten tolerance is. Some gluten sensitive people can use straight and unprocessed wheat germ oil on their skin (which isn’t Arbonne, I know), others can’t stand a minute trace of it and then there’s everyone in between. There are no absolute truths here.

      So again, thank you very much for the comments! 😀