Is Mary Kay Gluten Free? You’ve Loved them for Years, but are they really SAFE?

Mary Kay

Who doesn’t love a girl’s night out?  What better girl’s night out than a night of makeup testing with a makeup artist?  Yeah, we thought so too.  🙂

This last week, one of the gals at our church invited all the girls to a Mary Kay makeup party.  Naturally, we were thrilled with the idea, but I saw my sisters’ eyes flick towards me hopefully the instant “makeup” was mentioned.  As soon as we were alone, they asked the question that their faces had been asking the entire time.  “Is Mary Kay gluten free?”

The Mary Kay website does not have any ingredient information at all, that I could find.  So I contacted the company and received a prompt and thorough reply.

Dear Customer,

We sincerely appreciate your comments and taking the time to write to us.

The information you requested is included as an attachment. If additional information is required, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-MARYKAY (1-800-627-9529) Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm Central Standard Time and request to speak directly to Consultant and Medical Relations.

Warmest regards,

Mary Kay Customer Operations
800-MARYKAY (627-9529) Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM CST
The Company is dedicated to Mary Kay’s mission to enrich women’s lives!

Here is the attachment

I am totally bummed.  Guess we’ll have to hang out with the gals at a different time. But I GREATLY appreciate Mary Kay’s forthrightness in dealing with the issue of gluten.  Although I’m disappointed to not be able to use their products, I am very grateful to be freely given the information I need to keep myself healthy.  Thank you Mary Kay for your honesty!!  😀

There are some questions brought up in the PDF about whether or not we Celiacs really need to use gluten free makeup.  I don’t have time to address that tonight, but stay tuned for an article in the next few days.  😉

Update 3/10/15: Scroll down to see a comment from former Mary Kay consultant, Elaine. According to her, Mary Kay’s policies remain the same now as they were when this article was originally written.

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Placed into drawers: Gluten Info, Not Safe

  • jenn

    thank you! I’m a Cdn Consultant & get asked that constantly–I knew of a few of the “revitalizer” products are gluten UNfriendly–however appreciate that attachement you’ve added!

  • jenn

    thank you! I’m a Cdn Consultant & get asked that constantly–I knew of a few of the “revitalizer” products are gluten UNfriendly–however appreciate that attachement you’ve added!

  • Linda F.

    Hi Gluten Free Gal…as a woman with wheat allergies and most likely celiac disease its very important to me to know what is in my make up or anything I use on my skin. Think trans dermal patches..if they can be used to have things absorbed into your skin, why not gluten? With that said, I sell Mary Kay and they DO have a list of all products used…if you like I can email them to you. There are only two products that contain gluten that I know of.

    • Hey Linda,

      I appreciate the offer! Now I’m curious- have things changed since Mary Kay said they cannot guarantee any of their products are gluten free? Even if a product doesn’t directly contain gluten, cross-contamination can be a very real issue. If just a few products contain direct gluten, it can affect the entire line if precautions are not taken to ensure the purity of the other products.

      But this is a pretty old article, so I’d be happy to hear if Mary Kay has made some changes. 🙂

      • Elaine

        I’ve been a Mary Kay consultant since August 31st of 2014. I was just diagnosed this Monday and it’s Friday, March 6th 2015, with Celiac disease. I promptly called corporate office and the same information is still being given out. The list of would be ingredients that may contain gluten are listed and we consultants are required to research them to see if they contain gluten. I must say say that Mary Kay is the best skincare and makeup I’ve ever used. But if the gluten is entering my body through small lesions in my skin from the sores the disease has caused from years of not knowing what was wrong with me, then I have no choice of giving up the business, the skincare and makeup I have come to love. I love my health even more.

        • Thank you so much for sharing this, Elaine! My heart goes out to you though… Ugh, I’m so, so sorry Mary Kay isn’t safe. But it’s true, your health is more important.

          Hopefully you find something you love just as much that IS safe! Best of luck on your new gluten free journey!

    • Mandolin

      Is there a way to publicly post that list? I am beginning my gluten free journey and having difficulty identifying the culprits…

      • Hey Mandolin,

        Publicly publishing the list might not be a good idea simply because of the likelihood of the list going out of date, then someone trying to use it and getting sick because the formulas have changed.

        However, unless Mary Kay has new procedures in place that ensures the lack of cross contamination between “gluten free” and not gluten free products, then even the “gluten free” ones likely contain gluten. The last time I spoke to Mary Kay they would not claim any of their products were free of cross contamination, though they did have a list of products that did not directly contain gluten.

  • PJGarrett

    There is a new updated ingredient list for Mary Kay. They have changed ingredients in several of the products to exclude wheat products. I have been a consultant for almost 13 years and have to stay gluten free. I use many of the products without any problems. Thanks for making people aware. I do suggest anyone that is gluten free speak with their doctor as well. Gluten products usually have to be ingested to cause a problem, so always wash your hands several times a day. Many things you come in contact with, surprisingly enough, can contaminate your hands and touching your mouth can be an issue. Again, thanks for helping all of us stay healthier!

    • Thanks for the info, PJ! That’s very helpful! I think it’s true that for the majority of gluten-sensitive people, the gluten has to be ingested in order for a reaction to take place. There are a select few who do react topically, and they make up a large portion of the readers of this blog. But it’s definitely something every gluten sensitive person should bear in mind!

      Thanks again for weighing in!

  • Linda Feliciana

    Hi! I’m new to your site and also have sold Mary Kay. I’m not celiac from what I know, but do have acne/stressed skin and would prefer to use a product I know is better for me. I do love the Mary Kay products, And I hate the idea of having to start from scratch, so to speak, with finding which product line works best as I know I have a lot of trial and error ahead of me. But ultimately I too have to do what is best for what I put on or into my body.