Sneak Peek at new colors! and a Lipbalm review – Red Apple Lipstick

Check ’em out! 😀 Soon to come colors from Red Apple Lipstick, the gluten free lipstick place!

I love I love I love these colors!!  But my very favorite?  Color x4.  It’s…  It’s wow, gals.  WOW.  Saturated, vibrant, cool undertoned, retro/vintage/timeless red!  I love love love love love it!!  It’s the color of my dreams, folks.  And it’s coming soon to

I also got to try some of RAL’s soon to be launched gluten free lip balm. And I LOVE it! Like their lipstick, it’s so smooth, soothing and hydrating. What I also love about it is how long it lasts on my lips, completely eliminating the need to keep applying it and applying it and applying it.

It will be (and is) incredible for not only the days when your poor lips just won’t stay moist, but also for the days where the elements batter them mercilessly.  This is what I was dying for when I worked my horse outside with the wind buffeting my face, freezing rain sluicing down my back and icy air being sucked through my lips by my laboring lungs (and you thought my avatar was a cowgirl just ’cause it was cute… 😛 ).  It’s also what I wanted as I dashed through the abrasive sand-laden wind to get into the mall and found that I could not keep my lips from acting like leather.  And it’s also what I wanted in the 108° F, bone dry Texas heat this last summer, when every part of my body was over baked in a very icky oven.  Oh, and it’s also just what I need when I’m sitting in front of my computer, writing and being distracted by how dry my lips are.  😛  This is the real deal folks.  And it’s forever a staple in my purse.  😀

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