The Hottest Gluten Free Lipstick Shades of the Season

Are you looking to amp up your makeup this season?  Pump a little heat into your summer look?  Try swiping on a new lipstick shade!  It’s a easy way to drastically change your look without any effort.

Here’s some blazin’ hot gluten free lipstick shades that will do just the trick!

Disclaimer:  I have not tried all of these.  However, I am personally very interested in trying them all at some point.


When Afton discovered that the reason her eyes swelled and watered at random was due to gluten in her mascara, she went on a hunt for gluten free makeup. Upon finding that no accurate and up to date resources existed, she decided to make her own. Afton lives with her family, one big fuzzy dog and one small fuzzy dog. As a result she does a lot of vacuuming.

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