The Only Gluten Free Foundation for Every Skin Tone – Monave – Part 1

The Only Gluten Free Foundation for Every Skin Tone  –  Monave  –  Part 1 post image

If you search “gluten free mineral makeup” on Google right now, you’ll find about 200k results.  Dozens of companies claiming the gluten free label are scattered throughout the pages of reviews, Q&A pages and informative articles.  There are so many of them, that sadly (and probably quite unfairly), many of them start to blur together for the similarity of their products.  Some, however, stand out from the crowd instantaneously and without effort.  Monave is one of them.

I found Monave a while back and they caught my eye for four major reasons:

  1. The owner and her Mother are Celiac 
  2. They have a cah-RAZY awesome huge selection of foundation colors that span so many shades and undertones it’s NOT even funny!
  3. They have a wide selection of product types.
  4. They have a wholesale, white label, reselling opportunity that is available for any woman (or man!) who wants to start their own gluten free business.

The one drawback is that Monave does not currently test for gluten.  However, I have spoken with the owner and through my interaction with her, the fact that none of the ingredients naturally contain gluten and the knowledge that she makes a great effort to purchase from non contaminated sources, I truly believe that Monave is a safely gluten free company (with the exception of their oatmeal soap, which is their only bar soap and therefore made separately).  I believe that if they were to start testing for gluten, they would come out free of it.
Just remember that, as with any untested product (like the beans on my stove at the moment…), there is a small risk of it having been cross contaminated somewhere.  In this case, I believe that risk is very small.

Monave fills a hole that is otherwise conspicuously empty in the gluten free makeup world:  The hole of foundation shade variety.  But does the quality of the foundation match up with the impressive array of colors?  They sent me some samples to find out.  😉


Teporah- Monave Gluten Free Mineral foundation

Teporah Shade- Monave Mineral Foundation

Loose Mineral Foundation – Teporah

Having always worn mineral foundation, I’ve tried quite a few over the years.  Some of it covered well, but was chalky and dusty.  Some of it was utterly pure and natural, but was grainy and obvious on the skin.  Some of it was lovely, but simply did not have the right color for my green undertoned skin.  In fact, color issues have always been one of my worst problems, thanks to being an unusual type of All-American Mutt.

Monave’s Mineral Foundation is the best of the best.

The foundation is so incredibly fine, it vanishes onto my skin and looks utterly smooth.  No graininess whatsoever.  It even passes “The Sunlight and Hand Mirror Held 2 Inches From My Face Test™”.  😎   It’s light feeling on my skin, even for mineral makeup, but still covers particularly well with minimal application.  But what’s possibly even cooler than that?  The color matches.  It blends perfectly into my neck and makes my face just glow.  When I look in the mirror, I see me looking back and realize how washed out I looked with the other foundation I was using.

I really love this product.  Yes folks, Monave’s Mineral Foundation is my new favorite loose foundation!


If you are a Woman of Unique Skin Tone, or if you just feel as though you haven’t found the perfect loose mineral foundation yet, I would recommend giving Monave a try.  🙂

Stay tuned!  Monave has something else that I’ve struggled to find in the Gluten Free Makeup World!

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