1st Video Gluten Free Makeup Un-Boxing – Mirabella

Mirabella Gluten Free Makeup Video Un-Boxing

Sooo this is the first Gluten Free Makeup Gal video unboxing! I’ve never done one of these before, so this was very much an experiment. lol Let me know what y’all think! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Would you like to see more? A gluten free makeup video review, perhaps?

Why yes, I am aware that most of this video is out of focus… lol Sorry! My camera takes GREAT pictures, not so fluid with video. There’s no auto focus! I didn’t know that when I filmed this, but hey, at least it’ll be better next time. lol

Mirabella is one of those rare companies that are not all gluten free, but whose gluten free makeup products are actually safe. Their one gluten containing product is their Skin Tint Creme, which is their liquid foundation. That is manufactured in an entirely different facility than the rest of their products.

The reason the Skin Tint Creme still has gluten in it is because it’s currently a well loved product and popular product. They just haven’t been willing to fiddle with the formulation yet. I’m hoping they will, because I’m just dying to see why it’s their best selling product… πŸ˜› But I can understand why, for now, they are just making sure the rest of their products are safe. And it’s not like there isn’t enough to choose from already!

Mirabella’s Gluten Free Makeup Products Opened in Video:

Pick 4 Color Palette
Matte Eyeshadow
Magic Marker Eyeliner
Eye Definer
Colour Luxe
Lash Essential Mascara

Mirabella has a gorgeous selection of products! Pretty colors, pretty packaging and as it turns out, some really awesome quality. Since filming this video I’ve begun to really fall in love with them. And the product that has become my favorite is the LAST one I would have ever thought…

Check out Part 1 of the full Mirabella Review!

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  • Excellent video and I didn’t notice any fuzziness. Well done!! What I would like to see also is a review for Makeup and Eye Primer. Thank you!!

  • Mel

    The lip gloss is really pretty!

  • Glad you liked it! πŸ˜€

    That sounds fun! I’ll have to see what I can find… Do you have a preference for a certain kind of foundation? Like, liquid or powder?