BREAKING NEWS: New Red Apple Lipstick tube design?

Red Apple Lipstick just released some pics of a possible new lipstick tube.

Don’t they look high tech?  It kinda looks like something Jane Bond would whip out of her purse.  And it would probably be a real single bullet little gun.  But this won’t hold any lead bullets; just lipstick bullets!  Ooooh, can’t you imagine x4’s vintage red peeping out of that tube?!  :mrgreen:

The old tubes were sleek, but I have to admit, THESE tubes are way cooler.  Can’t wait to see ’em!

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  • Irene

    I’d rather have a lipstick that last on my lips and don’t disappear when I eat.

    • Red Apple is one of the best at doing this of all the gluten free lipsticks I’ve tried. Though we are quite a bit more limited in the gluten free world for lipstick. 😉