10 Facts about Eating Gluten Free your Friends and Family Must Know

If this shouldn’t be the statement sheet of every gluten intolerant person on earth, then I don’t know what should be.

You need to go check out Gluten Dude’s “Celiac Rants”, if you haven’t already. If you’ve ever felt alone in your gluten free struggles, the stories there will remind you that we are all in this together. Gluten Dude’s readers share their tales of frustration, tears, indignation and plain ‘ol bull**** under varying levels of anonymity and there is something magical about it. Go read them. Seriously.

The other day, someone sent in a rant that stated they had had “some frustrating discussions with my husband and a co-worker who said I better stop talking about gluten free foods or people will start talking about me”. In honor of this, they composed a letter that should be set to music and sang from the rooftops. It hit home so hard for me, I got permission to translate it to infographic(ish) form.

Gluten Free is not a Fad!!

Check out the original post at Gluten Dude’s website HERE.

On a side note, Gluten Dude has recently become an Associate Editor of Simply Gluten Free Magazine and I’m really excited to have him join us!

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  • Alex

    LOL!! **Loved** reading this!! Some members of my external family (aunts, uncles, etc.) keep on thinking that the gluten-free/dairy-free diet my sister, my mom, and I maintain is ludicrous and that we’re all being paranoid lol. But what they don’t understand is that WE NEED IT and that without it, WE FEEL ILL. I love them all dearly, but I wish that they could just accept it sometimes. This was exactly what I needed to read today! I might just hand this out to them, or anyone else who unjustly criticizes my diet, for when they complain ;D.


    • Haha!! Good idea to print and hand it out! You could totally keep a stash of these in your purse. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh… I’d lose my temper too over something like that. In fact I’m feeling angry FOR you right now. That’s awful! I hope she apologized for that. Did you grab this and show it to her? Someone said this should be a print, which it probably should. Or a pamphlet or something.

    But you’re absolutely right. If you know something makes you sick, who cares what a doctor would say!? Sometimes I wonder if getting an official diagnosis would make people more respectful, but I kinda think not. There’s so many horror stories of even family shrugging off doctor diagnosed Celiac, it doesn’t sound like the diagnosed get it any better than the undiagnosed.

    Here’s to the day that the “gluten free fad” dies and allows the real sufferers to get their social legitimacy back!

  • Ahhh I gotcha. Well hopefully she’s learned her lesson anyway. Haha!

    The eating gluten thing for testing is just so no. Not even. I can’t imagine ANYTHING being worth eating gluten for what, a month? Whatever it is. No way.

    Right!? I’m perfectly happy to deal with my own food, people don’t have to worry about me. But a little consideration goes a loooong way. I find myself feeling intensely grateful to people who just ask me to find the restaurant for everyone to hang at. It’s little things that can make a gluten intolerant life livable, right?