“Are Gluten Free Cosmetics Necessary?” – I’ve been Interviewed by US News and World Report

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Angela Haupt of US News and World Report, asking if I would be interested in chatting with her about gluten free cosmetics. Naturally I said YES!

The interview was posted on the 11th in an article titled “Are Gluten-Free Cosmetics Necessary?

I have a Google Alert set up for “gluten free makeup“, so I tend to get most of the article written about gluten free cosmetics.  Not all, but a lot of them.  And frankly, it’s difficult to find an article that is NOT written by someone doing the least amount of research possible.  Angela, however, has done a wonderful job of examining the different sides of the matter, reading the latest research and interviewing people who are a part of this discussion here and now.  This is an article I’d be sharing with y’all no matter WHO was interviewed- because it’s that good. I’m very proud to have been a part of it!

Here’s a few excerpts from the article:

Every time Afton Jones would wear eye makeup, her eyes would become swollen, heavy, and watery. One night, she sported a more natural look—and had no complaints. “Turns out, my mascara had gluten in it,” says Jones, a Texas 20-something who has since founded glutenfreemakeupgal.com, which reviews gluten-free products.


“Lipstick, lip-gloss, mouthwash, toothpaste—they can all trigger a reaction in people with celiac disease,” says Alice Bast, founder and president of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). “If you’re sensitive to gluten, you should be using gluten-free cosmetics and toiletries. Even if you don’t experience any symptoms, you could be doing damage on the inside.”


Should all celiac sufferers opt for gluten-free cosmetics? There isn’t one right answer. “It’s a very personal decision people need to make,” says registered dietitian Nancy Patin Falini, who serves on the NFCA’s scientific and medical advisory council. “There’s not any defined science on it yet. Some people want to be absolutely certain that whatever they’re putting on their lips is gluten-free, perhaps because their immune systems are hypersensitive. For others, it isn’t as great of a concern.”


“When you live with something every single day of your life, you tend to figure things out through excruciating trial and error,” Jones says. “It really is up to the individual to decide whether gluten-free cosmetics are for them. For some people, it’s a choice. For others, it’s a necessity.”

Check out “Are Gluten Free Cosmetics Necessary?” in full HERE!

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