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For over a month now, I’ve been chatting back and forth with Serena @ Bewildered about finding gluten free cosmetics.  We’ve been sharing tips, exchanging info and talking to companies together.  It’s been a fun experience!  😀  Serena is a smart, kind, lovely lady who writes about her life and her gluten free struggles on her blog in an engaging and honest voice.  She’s also a bit of a Tweetaholic (don’t deny it Serena! 😛 ).

After all that chatting, Serena asked me to guest post on her blog about how to find gluten free cosmetics.

I gladly accepted the challenge and set to work writing it up.  What I was planning on being a helpful but short and sweet article ballooned into an over 2k word essay, of sorts.  I just couldn’t make it any shorter!  There is so much information to share about finding gluten free makeup and a real system I’ve developed over the years of trying to figure out what is safe and what isn’t.  So this guest post ended up being two posts, the first one of which is already up!

Here’s a few excerpts from Part 1 of the article:

To say that finding gluten free makeup is challenging is almost an understatement.

It’s learning to fight your way through phrases with the same words, but totally different meanings.  It’s deciding where you stand and then standing there like a rock.  It’s being willing to ask tough questions and decipher cryptic replies.

It’s taking your health firmly in hand and keeping it, no matter who tells you what.


So, what does gluten free makeup mean?

Say you have a peanut allergy, and if you walk into a store that has peanut M&M’s out in the open, your throat will start to constrict.  What does peanut free mean to you?

Now say you have Celiac, and if you set your spoon down on your best friend’s non-gluten table (though freshly cleaned right before you sat down) then put the spoon in your mouth you will gain a pounding headache due to trace amounts of gluten.  What does gluten free mean to you?


So, as a conscientious Celiac who is taking your health in hand, here is what you have to decide:  What is gluten free to you?

In all my research, in all my talking to other Celiacs and in all my personal experience, there is only one answer that is without compromise:  None.  And when I say none, I mean no cross contamination, no gluten-derived-now-glutenless ingredients, no gluten anywhere, anyhow, any way. 

This is not something we should compromise on, folks.  Gluten is poison to us.  Why play with fire when we can avoid it entirely?

Check out the full post HERE!


Thank you Serena for inviting me to write for your blog!  I’m honored to be able to share with you and your readers.  😀

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