Guest Post on Bewildered Bug! – How to Find Gluten Free Cosmetics PART 2

Guest Post on Bewildered Bug! – How to Find Gluten Free Cosmetics PART 2 post image

Part 2 of my How To Find Gluten Free Cosmetics Bewildered Bug guest post series is here!  (info about part 1 here)

Here are a few excerpts from the final part of this series:

 We’re down to business now folks.  You’re gonna be asking some tough questions, and you will run across companies who either become offended, or arrogant when they condescend to deal with you on this matter.  But we’re talking about your health, so don’t mind them.
I’ve spent a long time now perfecting which questions I need to ask and what tone to take.  But it’s quite simple, really.  If you know what you’re talking about, it shows, and takes care of everything.  Do be polite, make some nice comment about their site/products/promises, whatever you genuinely like about them thus far.  It’s always good to start off with praise.  😉  But then it’s time to dive right into the toughies.


While testing is undoubtedly very important, because it is so rare, it’s a bit unrealistic to reject every well-meaning company who does try to keep their products safe.  Some of them go the route of hunting down possible gluten contamination in their suppliers, asking questions, making sure they are certified gluten free (if they are located where certification is done).  And to find out just what they are doing to keep you safe is the whole point of this email.


Finding gluten free makeup is never easy, but what good thing worth doing is?

Check out the full post at Bewildered Bug and thank you to Serena for the opportunity to share with her and her readers! 😀

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