Merry Gluten Free Christmas!

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My dear readers and friends,

I wish you the merriest gluten free Christmas possible. Full of joy, fun, gluten free food, friends and family.

I hope that today and tomorrow help you to relax, reset and wind down. May the Christmas spirit fill you all.

I’ve been baking like mad, doing last minute prep and a heck of a lot of sneaking around and hiding things. I did actually intend on doing a Gluten Free Makeup Monday today, but clearly that was over ambitious. lol So instead, here’s a video of a very similar look that I was thinking of playing with. Only the NARS products she uses are safe, (UPDATE 5/2/2013: NARS has updated their gluten free status and is no longer gluten free) but her technique is good and the end look is stunning.

If y’all would like to see me go ahead and recreate it with gluten free makeup, let me know! But for now, enjoy and have fun.

Have a spectacular, unbeatable, incredible Christmas my friends!

Much love,

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  • Traci

    That’s gorgeous! I’d love to see a tutorial for that.