(seed) Body Care now Available at Whole Foods! WOOT!!

(seed) Body Care now Available at Whole Foods!  WOOT!! post image

If y’all haven’t tried out (seed) Body Care already, you are now utterly out of excuses.  (seed) is now available at Whole Foods!!

from yesterday’s press release:

(seed) Healthy Hand Creams are now available at reputable retailers including Whole Foods, Safeway, Wegmans, Duane Reade, Hannaford, Harris Teeter, and drugstore.com, among others.  Retail prices are between $5.99 and $7.99 for 3.5 oz.

This means they’ve been Whole Foods approved!!!  I am seriously excited about this.

Now, of course not all Whole Foods are carrying (seed) right now, but because they have passed the approval process if you bug them about it they can get it for you.  So bug your local Whole Foods to carry (seed) ’cause you will SO love it!  Tested and proven gluten free lotion that 100% rocks!


Here are a few more excerpts from the exciting press release:

While the market offerings and access to gluten free products in Food are growing for wheat and gluten sensitive people, there is increased demand for gluten-free body care, as they avoid gluten and wheat when applying things like cosmetics and hand cream that may incidentally be ingested, or, importantly, because people experience skin sensitivities when using gluten and wheat on their skin.

(seed) is a line of all natural body care developed for people seeking new, high performance body care options for Health Related reasons – including allergies.

“Through research and extended interaction with consumers, pharmacists, and retailers, we have come to understand that there is a growing need for people who are avoiding specific allergen ingredients, like gluten and wheat, in their skincare products.  Our products were formulated gluten-free, and now we will be calling it out on our packaging,” Rebecca Gournay, co-founder of (seed) shared.  “Importantly, we are validating our rigorous internal testing with third party validation at even higher criteria to assure sensitive consumers of our purity.

  • The FDA requires that foods labeled “Gluten-free” have <20 PPM (Parts Per Million) of gluten protein

  • Traditional gluten free certification requires <10 PPM

  • (seed) Healthy Hand Cream batches are tested to ensure <10 PPM and have just recently received third party validation (contact us for a copy of our certificates of analysis) that all (seed) Healthy Hand Cream formulas have <5 PPM of gluten.

Benjamin Gournay, co-founder elaborates, “Our goal is to provide superior body care products at a great value, and part of our value is to take ingredients out of body care that you just don’t need, and put in ingredients that are nourishing and moisturizing. That is why, for example, our (seed) Healthy Hand Creams are gluten free and soy-free.”

See why I love this company, folks?  So head on over to the nearest Whole Foods, or Safeway, or whatever you have in your area and pick up some (seed)!

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