I’d never even heard of mica allergies until one of my readers asked me to help her find some gluten and mica-free makeup. My brain went “Wha!? It’s possible to be allergic to a mineral!?” And then I stopped and thought about it and realized that I’m “allergic” to part of a plant. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At any rate, mica free makeup is even harder to find than gluten free makeup. But there is one company who is the Queen of mica free makeup. Not only do they have the widest selection on the market, they are an entirely gluten free company producing strikingly excellent products.

In fact, they have become my new go-to makeup brand.

Creamy Matte Intense Coverage Foundation Pot

With a rich, creamy texture that glides on like softened butter, this foundation feels like it will surely melt away entirely. Except it doesn’t. Lightweight but incredible coverage, this moisturizing foundation doesn’t clog pores, smooths both skin color and texture, and leaves a dewy finish that seems to glow with health.

I’ve worn this foundation set with the loose powder foundation all day in the Austin summer heat. And you know how I looked at the end of the day? Still totally rockin’. This foundation stays remarkably well, covers exceptionally, and does not make acne-prone skin break out. I’m not kidding, this is my new favorite foundation, y’all.

Intense Coverage Matte Liquid Foundation

With good coverage and a velvety texture, this foundation is an easy yes to your kit. You won’t be kissing your concealer goodbye, but for uneven texture and mild breakouts, this foundation does an outstanding job with minimal product.

Due to it’s texture, it’s best not to build this foundation too much. Use a little bit, then conceal anything you can still see and don’t want to see. Setting with powder is optional. It stays pretty well without setting! But if you live in heat and/or have oily skin, setting it is a good idea.

Loose Powder Foundation 

A pretty, smooth texture characterizes this powder foundation. The coverage is fair, especially for a powder foundation. Per usual, it’s entirely mica free. A very rare thing in mineral foundations! This is one of the founding products of the Omiana line. It’s fantastic used by itself, and also excellently sets both the cream and liquid foundation.


Under-Eye & Blemish Intense Coverage Concealer

Oh. My. God. Cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this concealer. Ha, nah, that’s a lie, I’m gonna tell ‘ya. This concealer has so much coverage, it’s insane. When I put it under my eyes, it brightens everything incredible well. Bu-bye under-eye darkness! But best of all? As long as you don’t pile it miles high, it never creases or settles. A little dab will do ‘ya, and once you smooth that on, it will last all day. For the best results, I always set it with their loose powder foundation. It just looks incredible.

It also works amazingly for those bright red blemishes that want to wave hello past anything you slap on them. The coverage is so intense, it can cover a multitude of imperfections.

Black Strong-Hold Mascara

I really love the look of this mascara. It thickens and lengthens, while having a jet black look. It’s a bit messy at first, but dries quickly. I’m the worst at applying mascara cleanly, so if it’s possible to smear it over your eyelid, I will do it.

The lasting power is good, especially if there is no moisture involved. But I’ve noticed if I don’t set under my eyes properly, or if I sweat too much, or my eyes water, this mascara immediately begins to transfer. I’ve yet to see it run entirely, but bear in mind if you’re wearing this and there is likely to be moisture, you’ll want to keep an eye on it as the day goes by. Despite this, I end up reaching for this mascara again and again.

Check out Omiana and their incredible collection of beautiful products!


Best Gluten Free Makeup under $30

Quality makeup has always been expensive. But gluten free makeup can be even more expensive than your averagely nice products. For those of us who like to watch our budgets, this is bad news.

But the good news is we do have options. Check out this entire face of makeup with each product under $30.

For the full descriptions of each product, check out the full article in Simply Gluten Free Magazine, issue #27.


Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics | Organic Antioxidant Liquid Mineral Foundation | $17.99


Buy the foundation here



Omiana | Under-Eye & Blemish Intense Coverage Concealer | $26.99


Buy my favorite concealer now!



Elea Blake |Get Cheeky| $12.50


Find your perfect cheek color



Mirabella | Lasting Lash Waterproof Mascara | $26.00


Buy my favorite mascara in the history of ever!



Honeybee Gardens | Eye Shadow Palettes | $29.99


Snag lovely eyeshadow palettes at a great price



Gabriel Cosmetics | Gabriel Lipstick | $17.60


Purchase long-lasting and beautiful lipstick


Lip Gloss

Au Naturale Cosmetics | Lip Gloss | $15.00


Snag amazing lip gloss at an amazing price



Eye Liner

Monave | Eye Liner | $13.50


Get the best eye liner with the most colors


I love chocolate. In fact, I’m a little obsessed with chocolate. I had a long conversation the other day about how I was going to find a chocolate dragon and slay it and take all its chocolate loot. My friend, who offered to help me slay the dragon, proceeded to not assume he could have some of the chocolate, but to ask nicely if I would share. I almost had to stop and consider my answer before saying that I would in fact share my chocolate.

But that’s the thing about chocolate. Sharing is fun. It’s fun to have by yourself, it’s fun to have with friends, and it’s also fun to smear across your skin. And these recipes will let you do all three.


Now, I’d love to give you the full recipes here. But that privilege must be reserved for readers of Simply Gluten Free Magazine, since that’s where the recipes are printed. Some of you reading this are here from the article. But for those of you just reading my blog, go snag your own copy at your local store!

OK, have you got your magazine now? Sweet (pun totally intended). Now here’s the links to all the ingredients and the downloads for the cute labels!

The Promised Goods

In the article, I gave y’all a link sending you to this page. In it, I promised links and the cute labels displayed in the pictures. Check it out below!

Ingredient Links

There’s a total of 5 recipes in the article. However the ingredients have a lot of overlap, which makes it cheaper and easier to make them all! I grabbed all my ingredients from Amazon, and these are the ones I used:

Containers, Molds and Label Links

For all the tools you probably don’t have lying around that you need, here’s the links to those too.

Labels + Designs

And because I like cute things and organizing things and giving things away, here’s allll the labels I made for these containers!


Buy these labels exactly-

Then print these PDFs full size, on the round labels:

Just peel them off and stick them straight on and you’re done!

Print this PDF full size on top of the small labels:

For the lip balm, it’s a little trickier. I decided to go for the easy-to-find labels instead of something more obscure. So these are just normal return address labels. To get the lip balm labels, after you print them, cut them in half. Peel off one half and stick it on. And done!

Enjoy your chocolate skincare success!





Right now, here in Austin, TX, it’s an absolute blaze of muggy heat. If you’re walking out your door, expect to sweat and glisten like you basically just took a shower. Expect to wipe droplets from your brow and feel a river run down your back. Expect your face to literally reflect the sun’s rays back at everyone around you because the oil is real.

Now I’m not trying to complain. But those of you who live in hot climates know exactly what this does to your makeup. The amount of summer makeup kung-fu we have to master is actually brutal. Whatever we use can’t melt, can’t smudge, can’t fade with profuse perspiration and basically has to be fit to face the fires of hell.

To be honest, in the past what I’ve done to handle these situations for long periods of time is just skip half my makeup. A little mineral powder foundation is great for your skin, but what eyeshadow and base could possibly survive such an encounter? And I’ve tried a lot of products, so when I can’t answer that question, y’all know we’re all screwed.

Except now I can. Because I just spent 3.5 hours in 95+ heat with about 70% humidity, and got back home with still flawlessly sparkly and non-creased eyeshadow.

This is not a drill. This stuff is real. And it’s literally my new obsession.


Does it Really Last All Day?

Yes. Yes it does. It’s lasted through every extreme I’ve given it thus far. Which extremes are about the worst possible! That melting heat, oppressive mugginess and excessive sweating. If you had told me a few months ago that there was a gluten free eyeshadow that lasted literally all day without creasing at all in the worst possible weather, I would have smiled and quietly thought to myself that you were lying. But nope. This is legit.

What’s the Texture Like?

So what is this magic that makes this stuff so amazing? When you look at the pictures, it just kinda looks like a powder. It does in person too. Maybe a kind of sticky powder? But no. When you touch it, it’s fluffy and cool, almost like a mousse. And it goes on like a light cream, that dries almost instantly into a powdery feel. There’s absolutely no wait time between application and then putting something else on top or around it.

How are the Colors?

mirabellacolorsCurrently, this eyeshadow comes in 3 colors. And that’s my only complaint right now. Because I need this in all the colors, ok? But don’t get me wrong, these colors are pretty amazing. A brilliant gold, bright cool pink, and a rich warm pink. Unfortunately I can’t really use pink around my eye area, because it makes me look like I’ve been sobbing. But the gold. I’ve been wearing the gold every single time I go out because WHY NOT. It’s glorious! The pinks actually make for a fun blush too, if you like a wildly sparkly blush.

Should You Get a Color or Two?

YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. In fact you should go get it right now.

Get your own everlasting magic in a little jar right HERE


Have you tried this product yet? Will you be trying it? Let me know in the comments below!








Summer is HERE and it’s absolutely brutal. Here in Texas, we’re frying alive in the blistering rays of the sun. Tonight it’s in the upper 90’s until the sun goes down. No joke.

With all this insane heat, it’s time to really pack on the SPF. It’s not terribly difficult to find gluten free sunscreen, but finding gluten free facial moisturizers with built-in SPF? Nearly impossible.

So I’ve gathered all the best gluten free SPF 15+ facial moisturizers I can find. Check ’em out!

Cleure Sunscreen SPF 15Cleure Sunscreen SPF 15

A brand that focuses mostly on skincare, it’s hardly surprising that Cleure would tackle gluten free SPF facial moisturizers. It’s only SPF15, but in trade you get a lighter, less chalky finished look. It’s based in shea butter, so smoothing it on under your makeup is like putting on a deep moisturizing treatment.

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance free
  • Made in the USA
  • No animal testing

Get it here

Keys Solar RX Therapeutic Sunblock SPF 30Keys Solar RX Therapeutic Sunblock SPF 30


A beautifully moisturizing, everyday cosmetic sunblock, this moisturizer is not waterproof. However, it’s been featured on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Report as the safest moisturizer with UVA/UVB protection on the market. If you’re not gonna be pouring sweat, this is an awesome option!

  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Moisturizing and gentle enough for daily, year-round use
  • Vegan
  • Soy free

Get it here

SPF 30+ Sunscreen LotionCalifornia Baby SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion

Known for their incredibly gentle baby care products, California Baby also makes equally gentle products for adults. This sunscreen lotion works for the whole body, but is advertised to be safe for the face as well. With SPF 30+, it’s really hard to wrong here!

Get it here


Have you tried any of these products before? Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!









Welcome to the 17th edition of the Gluten Free Makeup List! If we’re being technically accurate, it should probably be The Gluten Free Makeup, Skincare, Hair Care, Body Care+ List, but that’s way too big a mouthful. And besides, y’all already know how inclusive it is.

For this update, we have alll good news and no bad news! 4 brand new companies have been added to the list. And 1 company that vanished about a year ago has resurfaced, with new formulas and new branding, but the same dedication to gluten free.

Also, for kicks, this update has an official theme song. It goes like this…

Because 3 out of these 4 new companies hail from beautiful Canada! So Canadian friends, rejoice! Non-Canadian friends, you may still recognize these companies, because at least one of them is pretty popular in American health food stores.

The Canadian Gluten Free Makeup Trio

Green Beaver


With an intense dedication to pure and natural ingredients, Green Beaver does an incredible job of creating really gentle products that are also 100% gluten free. They focus mostly on body care type products, with a few shampoos and conditioners to play with. They also have an all-natural deodorant, so if you’re on the hunt for one of those, check them out!

Sweet LeiLani


With both makeup and skincare, this company boasts tons of beautiful cream-based products. In addition to being gluten free, these products are vegan, paraben free, cruelty free and fragrance free. Another cool thing about this company is they also cater to people requiring highly corrective makeup. So when they say their foundation is “waterproof” and has “full coverage”, they are absolutely not joking. Check out some of the before and afters!



For a full line of organic mineral cosmetics, look no further than Bellaphoria. They claim to be allergen free, and do in fact skip all the major allergens. Their range of products includes just about everything you need except for mascara. Be sure to check out their huge selection extremely wearable eyeshadow shades!

The Prodigal Child + the Other


sophytoproA looooong time ago, I wrote a review for the skincare line Sophyto. At the time, they were my absolute favorite skincare line. And frankly, I think it likely that they would still be my favorite. If they hadn’t vanished off the face of the earth. Which they did. In fact you may remember when I removed them from the list because all the links were dead and I couldn’t find them anywhere. Well, they’re back! New formulas, new branding, new way of distribution (only available through practitioners). But they are still gluten free, and I assume as lovely to use as ever.

Elea Blake Cosmetics

The lone American newbie on the list! This company’s products are entirely gluten free, but they have another trick up their sleeve: This company has an insanely awesome color coding system. You know how hard it is to find just the right color from an online makeup company? With with these guys, snag a little kit from them (for either lips or cheeks), follow their special video, and you’ll end up knowing exactly what colors you need, and even which ones you just like best.


If you’re already signed up for the list, you probably came to this post because you just got your updated PDF. If you haven’t signed up for the list, get it below!

Find Safely Gluten Free Makeup Companies

Also featuring gluten free skincare, hair care & body care

Enter your name and email address for an instant download!


Also, if you want to share the list with your friends, feel free to share the image below so they can sign up too! 😉


Got any companies you think should be added to the gluten free makeup list? Let me know!


The Top 3 Canadian Gluten Free Makeup Companies

Once upon a time, shipping stuff from the USA to Canada was a fairly simple and inexpensive process. But in recent years, customs fees have jumped to the point of making it unreasonable to pass packages across the border. And with the US producing the majority of the gluten free makeup that I’ve been able to find, what’s a Canadian makeup-lover to do?

You’re in luck. This article is exclusively for you, my Canadian friends. 😉

I’ve dug up 3 safely gluten free companies that are proudly Canadian made and shipped. No customs fees, and you support Canadian makeup companies! In addition, I’m including an online Canadian retailer that sells several US brands. One way or another, you are officially set.


bellaphoriaNatural, organic, food grade, GMO free, corn free, soy free- what more could you want!? Bellaphoria has a great selection of products, featuring a few slightly more rare items like lipsticks (that are super reasonably priced!), cream concealers and cream blushes. However, there are only 4 colors of their loose mineral foundation. So if you’re hard to match, this might not be the right company for you.

Green Beaver

greenbeaverNot technically makeup, but this cult-favorite, Canadian-based company is safely gluten free! If you haven’t tried these beauties out, then you’re in for a treat. Skincare, hair care, body care, sunscreen, toothpaste, deodorant- basically, if it takes care of your skin or hair, they have it. They also have one rare thing I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a gluten free form… SPF 15 lip balm.

Sweet LeiLani

sweetleilaniThis company has makeup, skincare, and has a physical location all of their own! They actually do all kinds of services, so if you’re in Langley (Vancouver), British Columbia, you should go check ’em out! But if you’re not there, no worries. You can still order their lovely products online. They boast an overall rare selection of products, such as tinted moisturizer, liquid primer and cream foundation!

Eco Diva Beauty


In case you’re still pining over some American brands (hello Vapour Organic Beauty! ILIA Beauty! Alima Pure!), here’s a fantastic, online, Canadian-based seller of natural makeup. They ship from Canada, but carry several brands of gluten free facial products. The website is absolutely stunning, so you should check them out and see if they can solve some of your shopping woes!

You can see all the brands they carry HERE.

So, my gluten free makeup-loving Canadian friends… Are you going to try these brands?

If you’ve tried any of these products before, I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you’re looking for a collection of gluten free makeup that’s not purely Canadian based, check out the FREE Gluten Free Makeup List!



Picture this: Colorful, polished, velvety soft lips. Gracefully cheery vanilla scent. Effortless lasting power. All through the work of a single product.

Yep. This exists.

Had someone described this to me, I would have told them it was my dream product. But I had no idea my dream product existed until now.

On the whole, I’m a pretty low-maintenance gal. If it needs to be touched up on a regular basis, if it’s likely to bleed, or if it’s just a pain to apply, it usually ends up somewhere in the back of my makeup drawer. But then, I really love colorful lips.

So what’s a gal to do?

There’s lipstick, of course. But to get it looking really good requires a lip pencil, or detailed application. Too much work for this gal’s daily routine.

Lip gloss? Pretty stuff, easy to apply, love the shine. But hair on my lips drives me wild, making it difficult for me to enjoy wearing it.

Lip pencil? Great precision, but usually kinda dry and waxy. Not usually very pretty on it’s own.

But how about something that combines the best of all of the above?


Gorgeous, right??


Crazy easy! Pencil on, rub lips together a bit, BAM. Done. Slide it into your purse and check after eating a meal. You might want to reapply in the center, but you probably won’t need to fuss with it any more than that.


Intense and highly pigmented. It’s amazing how much pigment is packed into such a little amount of product. While the coverage is not as intense as a lipstick, it is very close. The colors are gorgeous and wearable. I’ve now tried a good selection of these pencils and all of them are true to the website’s portrayal. And look at them. Look at those brilliant, gorgeous colors! –>


Silky and velvety. It glides on your lips in a thin coverage that feels light and airy. You might even think that it’s too thin, except that the color on your lips is perfectly vibrant. Because it’s so thin, make sure that your lips are well exfoliated before using. If there’s any dry flakes, they will show up far worse using this than if you went bare-lipped. However, plain dryness is not much of a problem.

Staying Power

Truly excellent, if applied properly. Don’t put on lip balm before using! And make sure you apply it with a light hand. There’s plenty of color to go around. If you do apply it heavily or if your lips are freshly moisturized, then the pencil will feather over time. But as long as you don’t smear it on, and your lips are not freshly moisturized, it will stay extremely well. Apply in the center after eating, but that’s pretty much the only time it needs touching up!

Mirabella’s Velvet Lip Pencils are rapidly becoming my go-to lip product. I’ll never stop loving lipstick, but the “grab ‘n go” appeal of these pencils is unbeatable.

Speaking of grabbing… Grab yourself some and fall in love too!


As cheesy as the New Year’s mantras end up sounding (“New year, new you!”, “Out with the old and in with the new!”), there’s actually a glimmer of truth to them. Fresh years always turn our minds towards fresh starts, and motivate us to make this year better than the last.

This year, clean up and spice up your skincare routine with these fabulous, must-need gluten free skincare products! “New Year, New You”, right? 😉

Acure Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes1. Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes

No more laboriously cleaning off your face every night. These towelettes take off every bit of your makeup in a single go. Cruelty-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and biodegradable.


Frank Original Coffee Scrub2. Frank Original Coffee Scrub

Too good to be limited to your face alone, this scrub battles cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne and scarring all over your body. Utilizing roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, brown sugar and sea salt, it smooths your lumps and bumps, moisturizes and tones your skin, and works wonders from the outside in.


Aloe Vera Gel3. Aloe Vera Gel

I know what you’re thinking. “This is life-changing? I already use this stuff on burns all the time!” Well hang on just a sec! Did you also know that this stuff is incredible for removing eye makeup? And for treating acne-prone skin? Make sure it’s pure stuff before putting it on your face (like this brand), with no added fragrances or alcohols.


Keys Solar RX Therapeutic Sunblock SPF 304. Keys Solar RX Therapeutic Sunblock SPF 30

SPF 30 facial sunblock that can go under your makeup. Need I say more? OK, then how about I tell you that the EWG gave this product the absolute best safety rating possible. And they listed this product as one of the best moisturizers with SPF of all of 2015! You really can’t go wrong here. It’s pure win every way you look at it.



Essential Deep Cleanse Collection5. Essential Deep Cleanse Collection + BONUS ROUND

Rather than just one product, this set gives you 2 powerful components for a flawless complexion. Based in Australia, Mukti ships all over the world. Their products are so excellent, it’s absolutely worth getting it shipped to wherever you’re at!

The 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells to encourage collagen production and allow new cells to surface and renew the complexion.

The Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque is an effective age defying treatment that deeply purifies and detoxifies the skin’s appearance. Meanwhile, it supplies essential antioxidants, phytonutrients and minerals.


And there you have the gluten free skincare products that’ll totally make your 2016!

Did I miss any spectacular products in this line-up? Let me know in the comments!

Featured photo by Debs (ò‿ó)♪


16 REALLY Last Minute Gluten Free Makeup Gifts

Running a bit behind in your holiday shopping? Don’t stress! Here’s how to get something for every person on your list before Christmas arrives. And we’re not even talking gift cards- we’re talking tangible gifts you can wrap and hand to your loved ones on the big day. What’s the secret to this magic list? Amazon’s 2 Day Shipping! Almost every single one of these products is shipped Amazon Prime and will get to you before Christmas if you order by the 22nd!

If you’ve got a super gluten-sensitive person on your gift list, this is the gift guide of the year.

Note: US shipping only- sorry! Also, in order to get some of these items in time for Christmas, you may need to select upgraded shipping. While all of these companies assured shipping in time for Christmas when this article was published, make sure you check and see that’s still true!

For Literally ANYBODY on Your List

eos Lip Balm Stick

This company is most famous for their round little bubbles of balm (which yes, is on this list later… 😉 ). However, they also package their amazing balms in the more traditional and unisex stick form. Same formulas, different packaging!


Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Body Lotion

An excellent lotion for anyone who has skin! Which is… Everyone. It actually has very few allergens, so it’s no joke that this lotion will probably work for anyone. If you have extremely dry skin it may not be strong enough, but for normal or slightly dry skin, this is an excellent lotion to gift to your recipient, or yourself.


For the One Infatuated with Skincare

ACURE 100% USDA Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

This stuff is basically magic. Anyone who loves skincare should have this stuff in their arsenal. Anti-inflammatory, nicely hydrating, nourishing to the skin… You can’t go wrong with it!


Nourish Organic Rejuvenating Rose Hip and Rosewater Body Oil Mist

This stuff is incredible. It can be used anywhere on your body, from face to toes. It’s highly absorbent, and works to balance skin and improve elasticity, texture, and tone. It works for any skin type, but is particularly good for oily skin.


ACURE Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment

You know those chemical peels that kill the top layer of skin and let you rip it off? This is like the natural, less damaging version of that. It evens out skin’s texture and tone with a blend of brightening lemon probiotic and ACURE’s proprietary organic chlorella growth factor.


For the One Obsessed with their Nails


32 rich colors, varying textures, super long lasting… This is the best nail polish I’ve ever tried in my life. Snag this for the nail lover in your life.

LONDONTOWN kur Nail Hardener and Base Coat

Gotta have this to start the magic lasting power…

LONDONTOWN kur Protective Top Coat

And this to finish it!

For the Super Low-Maintenance

eos Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Lip Balm Collection

Sure, you could grab a few eos balls from the shelves of Wally World. But why do that when you can give your recipient a limited edition collection of Holiday themed lip balms? Even the vanilla flavor is special edition, so she’ll never get another gift quite like this again!


Frank Original Coffee Scrub

I know what you’re thinking- a scrub for someone low-maintenance? Hear me out though! This stuff is so easy. While in the shower, just scrub yourself down as if you were cleaning your skin. It scrubs, moisturizes and heals scarring all in one go. Your low-maintenance recipient will love you for the multi-tasking power.


For the One Who Never Leaves the House without Something on Their Lips

BITE BEAUTY Limited Edition Lip Lab Trio

Give them a taste of one of the only store-available gluten free lipsticks around! Creme lipstick, lush lip gloss, and a little compact mirror make up this gorgeous gift set. The colors all match, so can be worn together, or separately.


Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick

Luxurious, ultra-moisturizing, gently natural lipsticks in subtle, wearable colors. This stuff is like butter that melts into your lips and nourishes them intensely. It’s an especially good winter lipstick!


For the Fashion-Forward Kids

gluten_free_nail_polish_keeki_pure_and_simple_postKiki Pure & Simple Nail Polish

Gorgeous, non-toxic nail polish that’s perfectly designed for children. It peels within a few days if used on naked nails. But if any of you adults get a hankering to keep their vivid colors around, use their nail polish base and it’ll last much longer. 😉


For the Person who is Constantly Trying New Products

ultimate-guide-coverThe Ultimate Guide to the Best Gluten Free Makeup

You know that one person on your list who has tried everything and never settles down with any one product, or brand? Help fuel their addiction by giving them this eBook! Yes, it’s my eBook, so you know it’s great stuff. 😉 For every person who wants to know exactly which products to try next, this is the book for them!


For the One who’s been Really Good

TEMPTU Air Custom Essentials Kit

Absolutely flawless TV-quality makeup, done at home, 100% safe. There’s nothing else like it on the market! You’ll pay the price, but for someone who deserves a real treat, this is THE gift. It’s the one product on this list that Amazon doesn’t sell, but if you order on the 18th (!!) you will get it before Christmas!


For the Person Still Figuring out the Gluten Thing

consultingteaseGluten Free Consultation

Does your recipient just have no idea where to start with gluten free products? Wondering which products they should replace first? Got a load of questions that need answering?

Give them the gift that’ll serve them for years to come. Give them a consultation to find them ALL the products they need!


Got it All Done? Congratulations!

Your Christmas shopping is done for the year! Whew! What gluten free products did you purchase for your list this year?

Photo by JD Hancock cc