Gluten Free Makeup List v3.0 is here!

And here it is!  A little late, but here at last!

In this edition of the Gluten Free Makeup List, I’ve added a full page’s worth of info.  Bearing in mind that the list has been 3 pages long since the beginning, that’s quite an accomplishment!

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Gluten Free Makeup List v3.0 is Coming!

Oops!  I totally forgot the 3rd quarter was coming up!  Don’t ask me how that’s possible, because I have no idea.  lol

The Gluten Free Makeup List v3.0 is coming up, folks!  I’ll have it out before the end of the week, have no fear! 🙂

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Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Cosmetics.

And here’s a lip centric look! Red lips are one of the most iconic makeup styles of all time, and no matter how many people put their spin on it, it’s still classic and stylish.

With this look, I kept the eyes super simple, with just a little bit of sparkle on the lids only and eyeliner to enhace the upper lashes. This keeps it more daytime friendly, but you could amp it up with heavier eyeliner and slightly darker eyeshadows.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. Not sure what happened with this shoot.

Prepare your face with your favorite liquid foundation, making sure to cover your lips as well. This helps to give a base for the red lipstick later.

  1. Apply a base of concealer to the lid of your eye, then pat Monave’s Taupe #52 all over the lid.
  2. Apply Monave’s Blizzard #71 to the outer corners of your lids.
  3. Line the outer half of your upper lash line with Monave’s Espresso eye liner, being very careful to fill in between the lashes all the way down to the upper water line.  Then line the water line as well, in the same place.  Apply mascara and fill in your brows.
  4. Line your lips fully with Red Apple Lipstick’s Roseberry lip liner. (we totally forgot to get a pic of the lined lips, sorry!)
  5. Apply Red Apple Lipstick’s Red! over the lip liner. Now, as a note, Red! is a beautiful color, but by itself it’s not quite the right color for me. It’s too warm a red, where I need it to be very cool. But the Roseberry lip liner is so blue it’s almost purple, so pairing that much blue with this warm red gives me the perfect color for my complexion. The pictures don’t even do it justice. If you aren’t warm toned, you could try playing with Red Apple Lipstick’s Almost Red liner, or Brick.
  6. With this mighty duo of liner and lipstick, your look is going to stay put all day. However, if you want to clean up the line and go one step further in all day stay power, do this trick I picked up a long time ago: Wait for the lipstick to set a little bit, then take a liner brush, dip it in your foundation or concealer, and carefully line the outside of your lips, then blend outward to fade. This creates an incredibly hi-def line that cleans up any little feathering you made while applying the lipstick, and also helps prevent later feathering. I will warn y’all- this step can be hard! You have to be careful when lining your lips, and even more careful when blending the line so the outer edge isn’t so harsh. However, the payoff is big enough to make it worth the trouble, in my opinion.

And you’re done!

Yes, I purposely did not add any blush to this look. I always use my foundation very lightly, so there was enough of my natural color that I did not look dead or ill. And because of the bright color on your lips, you never want to use too much color anywhere else. Otherwise, you start to look painted, instead of fresh.

I think I’m gonna wear this look to watch fireworks this Independence Day. The sparkles and the red lips kinda go with the theme, don’t you think? 😉

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Emani Liquid Mineral Foundation Golden Amber

Monavé Mineral Powders Taupe #52 and Blizzard #71
Monavé Eye Liner Espresso
Emani Soy Mascara Midnight
Arbonne Triple Action Mascara

Red Apple Lipstick Lip pencil Roseberry
Red Apple Lipstick Red!


Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Warm Summer Pink

Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Cosmetics.

Pink and peachy eyeshadow is IN this season!  It’s everywhere you look!  Personally, I think it’s gorgeous, allowing a subtle flush of color without going overboard.  Unfortunately, any time I get even close to pink shades around my eyes, it makes me look like I’ve been crying.  😐  So!  I again recruited my ‘Lil Sis to model for me.  She looks stunning in pink, and I rather envy her that…  Heh.

Anyway!  For you ladies who can wear pink around your eyes and look gorgeous, here’s a look for you!

Begin by prepping your face with your fav foundation and concealer.  Apply Afterglow’s Blush in Smitten to your cheekbones, blending up slightly by the side of your eye.


  1. Taking a medium brush with lots of control, brush Afterglow’s Matte Eyeshadow in Cocoa from the outer third of your eye to the beginning of your outer crease.  This will of course be different on every gal.  😉
  2. Next take a fluffy brush and sweep on Afterglow’s Mineral Eyeshadow in Diva into your crease.
  3. Take a foam brush and gently pat Monave’s Mineral Powder in Blizzard #71 (a gorgeous light bronzey tone) from the inner corner to all over the lid.  With a narrow liner brush, gently brush #71 under the eye for the first third as well.
  4. For just under the brow bone, use a matte color that’s very close to your own color skin.  I ended up just using a little bit of foundation, and that worked beautifully. Brush that over the browbone, overlapping the pink just slightly.  Then with an empty blending brush, blend all over your eye very gently, blurring all the lines a bit.
  5. With Monave’s Matte Shadow/Liner in Charcoal Satin, line the outer two thirds of the top lash line and the outer third of the lower lash line.
  6. Apply mascara and fill in your brows (if desired).

Apply Red Apple Lipstick’s lipstick in Secrets, a lovely pink color.

And you’re done!

Getting tired of eye-centric looks? Me neither! Haha! But to break things up a bit, look for a lip-centric look coming next week!

Foundation- Afterglow’s Organic Infused Foundation, Ivory & Bisque
Concealer- Afterglow’s Organic Aloe Vera Concealer
Blush- Afterglow’s Organic Mineral Blush Smitten
Finish- Afterglow’s Organic Setting Powder Translucent

Outer Corner- Afterglow’s Matte Eyeshadow Cocoa
Crease- Afterglow’s Mineral Eyeshadow Diva
Lid and Inner Corner- Monave’s Mineral Powders Blizzard #71
Liner- Monave’s Matte Shadow/Liners Charcoal Satin
Highlight- Afterglow’s Mineral Foundation Cameo
Mascara- Emani’s Soy Mascara & Arbonne’s Triple Action Mascara

Red Apple Lipstick’s Secrets

Have you got a look you’d be interested in seeing translated into the Gluten Free Makeup? Let me know in the comments!


I get a lot of questions about gluten free shampoo.  And it’s no wonder!  It’s hard to find and many many Celiacs have reactions from gluten on their scalp.  I’ve heard everything from loosing hair by the handfuls, to open sores, to headaches.

While there are several gluten free hair care companies online, finding gluten free shampoo in stores can be nearly impossible.

However, there is one company that can be found almost anywhere with a health food section:

Ecco Bella

I’ve known about Ecco Bella for a very long time, having practically grown up in Whole Foods.  But it was only recently that I realized they are 100% gluten free (though untested)!  They have a full line of all natural, vegan, cosmetic, skincare and body care products, including shampoo!

But the thing with “all natural” shampoo is that as often as not, it just doesn’t seem to clean well.  I don’t like to step out of the shower and still feel like my hair is dirty even though I washed it 6 times, thank you very much.  My hair is very oily, the kind of oily that I can’t go without washing it for more than a day, otherwise it just looks awful.  So I’m pretty picky about my shampoo!

Ecco Bella's Vanilla Shampoo

Ecco Bella’s Vanilla Shampoo

First off, this stuff smells amazing!  Sorta like one of those really yummy vanilla candles.  Not the cheesy ones, the yummy ones.  And the scent does last for a while!  I’ve found myself wishing for vanilla cupcakes on more than one occasion after using this shampoo…

But most importantly…  This shampoo does clean very well!  I usually end up washing it once more than usual with chemical shampoos, but my hair comes out feeling good and clean and lookin’ shiny!

There’s almost no lather to the shampoo, but that’s absolutely normal for all natural shampoo.  It does not impair the cleaning at all, nor does it interfere with the shampoo-y texture.  :tounge:


Ecco Bella’s Vanilla Conditioner

Now, as a disclaimer about the Conditioner…  Since I do have oily hair, I almost never use this type of product.  If I use it on my scalp, my hair is dirty within 12 hours.  But sometimes, when my ends feel dry and lackluster, I like to use a little on my ends only.  Lately, I’ve been having that problem, so the conditioner arrived just in time.  😎

This stuff is like silk!  I love the way my ends feel after I use it.  I can’t say I’m much of an expert on conditioners, but here’s what I can say:  Even when my ends feel dry, I usually dislike using conditioner.  Not so with Ecco Bella’s.  My fine hair is naturally silky, but this conditioner takes it to the next level.  Now, because of that, it can make styling extra tough for my already difficult to style hair.  However, since half the time I just don’t fight it and throw it into a ponytail anyway, that doesn’t bother me too much.


I really like Ecco Bella’s shampoo and conditioner!  It’s nothing particularly unique, just your regular joe shampoo and conditioner.  But in the gluten free world, where just plain ‘ol dependable items can be a pain to find, Ecco Bella makes it easy to grab a safe bottle of shampoo right off your grocery store shelves.

Thank you Ecco Bella!!!

Check ’em out!  Most health food stores, or grocery stores with health food sections carry Ecco Bella, but they don’t always have all the products.  So talk to your local store and if all else fails, you’ve still got the website.  😉


Yes folks, you read that right.  No, I have not gone through my cabinet and tossed out my old skincare, because it’s still all good stuff.  But this…  This stuff is awesome.

Sophyto: Organic Science, Natural Beauty, Certified Gluten Free

Sophyto is a truly exciting company.  Their formulas consist of botanical and powerful bioactive ingredients that naturally nourish and restore skin’s youthful glow.  They advertise themselves as “Anti-Aging”, which with the kind of ingredients they use I’ve no doubt is true!  But right now, it’s not the anti aging that’s got me so hyped up.  It’s the fact that it’s 100% CERTIFIED gluten free skincare.  It’s the way my skin looks and feels after using it.  It’s the way my entire body reacts to the utter purity bathing my face.

I am so in love.

After using these products, my face literally glowed, my skin felt so fresh it was almost tingling- I haven’t felt like my face got that clean in a VERY long time.  It was, in short, a luxurious experience using this system.  My entire body relaxed and felt soothed as the natural scents wafted up faintly and the impurities of the day washed away.  I am totally blown away, and so are all the gals I’ve shared the products with thus far!

Purifying Silken Cleanser

So here’s what I got to try!

This is the WHOLE basic set, plus the Super Skin Concentrate.


Purifying Silken Cleanser

Mmmmm…  Silky is right!  Silky, soothing, left my face feeling crisp and fresh.  Not a hint of drying, but a beautiful depth of “clean” feeling for just one product.  It also just won the Best Innovation in Cosmetics at this year’s Natural and Organic Awards, held in London in association with UK Soil Association.  Impressive!  😀

Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment

Interestingly, this exfoliating treatment does not have any sort of scrubbing beads in it.  They decided against going that route, instead using fruit acids to dissolve the dead skin.  I’ve never heard of that being used as an exfoliant, so was curious to see how it worked.  It has an earthy, tea-ish, herb-y scent that brings back memories of those little tucked away in a corner health food stores, before “health food” was cool.  When I first put it on, there was an odd tingling sensation, not unpleasant at all, just odd.  It’s very liquid-y, so requires you to move a bit quickly to make sure it gets all on your face and doesn’t try to run down your arm.   But it works.  I could see and feel the difference when I rinsed it off.  My face was glowing, the tones were evened out, my skin just felt sparkling.  And no, sparkly feeling skin does not make you feel like a vampire.  Sorry.  😛

PH Optimizing Restorative Toner

PH Optimizing Restorative Toner

Ahhhh, I love toners.  There’s nothing quite like a spritz of it to brighten, freshen and soothe skin.  And this is an excellent toner.  In fact, I’m in danger of running out of it too fast because I want to use it so often.  Feeling drab in the middle of the day?  Spritz!  Looking a little oily?  Spritz!  Looking a bit dry?  Spritz!  Ahhhhh…  Now where’s that little bottle?

Anti-Aging Antioxidant Serum

The description says “Our award winning, dimethicone and oil-free antioxidant serum is specially designed to naturally supplement skin’s own protective barrier and fight signs of premature aging“.  Now, I’m still young enough that “aging” isn’t really anything I can see on my face right now…  But, I can say that this stuff feels yummy on the skin!  It’s a nice, light moisturizer that smells faintly of apple cider vinegar and green tea.  I wish I could tell ‘ya how it works against aging, but the reviews on the website burst with praise over the firming and glowifying properties of the serum.

Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate

When this says super, it means SUPER.  This is one of the heaviest, most powerful moisturizers I have ever used.  Ever.  Now, I have normal to oily skin, and in humid Texas summer heat, this is honestly one of the last things I would ever need.  However.  Even oily skin needs a helping hand in dry winter.  Why couldn’t I have found this during the record winter chills of Nebraska?  It would have saved my poor face from chapping and restored it to health overnight.  Don’t underestimate this concentrate:  With as much power as is contained within this bottle, your arch enemy, Evil Dryness, will be vanquished before you can say shazam!


All in all, I am most pleased with Sophyto!  Certified gluten free skincare!  Pure ooooh and ahhhhh.  A luxurious experience that my skin adores.  Gluten Free Ladies and Gentlemen, this could be that  high end gluten free skincare company you’re looking for!  It was for me, and I wasn’t even looking for it.  Ha!

Check ’em out!  And if you still aren’t convinced, you can always try the travel sizes.



Thanks SO much to all who entered and made this gluten free makeup giveaway a success!!

Just to clarify, the way I picked the winner is I hit a big green button and + Rafflecopter churned, puffed out some green smoke, then POOF!  Silver sparkles, green sizzles and purple smoke and POW!  There’s the winner on my screen, just as you see above.  … Maybe with a few less effects.  But not much.

Jessica, the fairies have decided to favor YOU.  Besides being the new owner of a smokin’ hot makeup kit, this also means you’ll have good luck for 7 years and your chances of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow increase 247% for 3 weeks.   😯   You lucked out, girl.

For those who did not win: Fear not!  MORE giveaways are in the works!  Where will they come from next?  Weeeeelll, how ’bout you just wait and see.  😉

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Focusing on fun but wearable looks with entirely Gluten Free Cosmetics.

This week’s look courtesy of my ‘Lil Sis!

My sister describes this gluten free makeup look as “young, bright, summery and easy!

Prep your face with your favorite concealer and foundation.


  • Apply bronzer or your “tan” foundation lightly around the outside of your face, on the top of your nose and the tops of your cheekbones.
  • Smile and dust blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Use a color a shade brighter than your natural color to give you a slightly flushed, healthy look.
  • If you like using a finishing powder, apply now.


  1. Take a sponge brush and apply Afterglow’s Mineral Eyeshadow in Snow liberally to your lid.
  2. With a tiny brush, apply just a leeeeetle bit of Afterglow’s Powder Eye Liner in Deep Eggplant to the very outer corner of your lid and crease.  This is an extremely pigmented powder, so be super sparing.  Don’t worry, it blends beautifully.  With a bigger brush, blend it into your crease, making something of a soft V pattern with the purple.
  3. Apply Monave’s Mineral Powder in Silver #1 to the inner corner of your eye, bringing it down, around and under your eye for the first third.  Also dab some of Silver onto the very center of your lid.
  4. Line the top of your eye and the lower outer third, blending softly inward.  If you like, add another layer of Silver to the top center of your eyelid.
  5. Apply mascara to the top lashes only.

Finish off with a touch of gloss on your lips and you are done!

Gluten Free Cosmetic Products Used:

Foundation- Afterglow’s Organic Infused Foundation, Cameo, Ivory & Bisque
Blush- Afterglow’s Organic Mineral Blush Smitten
Finish- Afterglow’s Organic Setting Powder Translucent


Lid- Afterglow’s Mineral Eye Shadow Snow
Crease- Afterglow’s Mineral Eye Liner Deep Eggplant
Highlight- Monave’s Versatile Mineral Powder Silver #1
Liner: Monave’s Pencil Eye Liner Espresso
Mascara- Emani’s Soy Mascara & Arbonne’s Triple Action Mascara


Red Apple Lipstick Lipgloss- Ruby Glass

Hope you Enjoyed!


I’ll give ‘ya 3 reasons:

  1. They are tested gluten free

  2. They are beautiful

  3. They are awesome

That enough to convince ‘ya?  Not really?  OK, then here’s a more detailed reasoning.  😉


Y’all probably already know that I’m a huge Red Apple Lipstick fan.  Their products are very high quality, their colors a wonderful blend of trendy and classic, and everything is lab tested gluten free.

I was already in love with their lip pencils and honestly didn’t think there was much to improve on!  But RAL decided to try anyway and just released a brand new version:

Retractable Gluten Free Lip Pencils

So they’re gorgeous, right? Love the new colors!

But there’s just one problem with retractable lip pencils in general:  They’re usually waxy, brittle and stiff.  Even when I was little, I preferred regular crayons to retractable crayons, and as color for paper turned into color for eyes, my opinion remained the same.  So the question is, does RAL’s retractable lip pencils follow the same old pattern of lameness?

In true Red Apple Lipstick form, NO they do not.

RAL’s new lip pencils are creamy, smooth, easy to apply, yet still freely moving in their cases.

They are, in short, everything the old pencils were plus those wonderful bonuses of retractables- super portability and NO sharpening.  Toss this in your makeup bag- no breaking and no lost tips.  Easy and fast gluten free lip liner!

RAL’s retractables come in 4 new colors:

official pics from RAL’s website

Almost Red

A deep red/brown color, almost a brick shade. A beautiful way to tone any lipstick down into a smoldering darker look.


A soft pink color that for a cooler complexion would be almost a nude. Perfect for everyday use!


A browner shade closer to a skin color for paler complexions, but would be a perfect nude for darker lips.

Update: Nude has been discontinued.


A gorgeous deep blue/pink that can liven and amp up the POP of any lipstick. It’s a powerful color, so wield it well and wisely.

I was delighted to finally find a retractable gluten free lip liner that actually works! It’s everything I could wish for and I haven’t a single complaint. They are, in every way, perfect. Check ’em out for yourself! You won’t regret it. 😉


Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Soft Blue Climax

I had something else totally worked out for this Gluten Free Makeup Monday, but something came in the mail Saturday and made me stop in my tracks and go- “YeeeeeHAW let’s do something different!!”  Hence GFMM being later in the day instead of in the morning.  But it’ll be totally worth the wait, I promise.  😎


So what was that ‘thang that came in the mail yesterday?  Red Apple Lipstick’s gluten free eyeshadow!!!  WOOT!  😀  AND their retractable lip pencilsAND some of their original lipstick in the awesome spankin’ new cases!!  The reviews will be comin’ up in the next week or so (there’s so much awesomeness that I’m gonna hafta break it up into several posts 😎 ), but for now, I totally could not resist making a GFMM out of it.  So, this is a kinda Red Apple Lipstick themed look, born of me going “Oh my word this is so cool and I’m dying to play with it like right now!!”



 Prep your face with foundation and concealer of your choice.

Eyes (all colors for this look are Red Apple):

You can prime your eyes, but I actually did NOT and could not tell there was any fallout or muddying over the afternoon.  I did not wear it for a full 8 hours (though I intend to soon!), so perhaps it would muddy with a few more hours use.

  1. Pat e7, a lovely lightly shimmery nude, over the lid.
  2. Brush e9, a light matte brown, into your natural crease.  Blend.  With e1, a shimmery pale nude, dust from your inner eye to the top of your brow bone.  Blend again.  You could stop here and have a simple naked look, but then you’d miss the fun part!
  3. Wet your brush and dip it into e3, a lovely sky blue.  With the damp blue shadow, apply it directly in the center of your lid.  With your finger or a small brush, only very lightly blend the very edges.  You don’t want it to extend to either corner: just the center, the high point, the climax of the lid of your eye.  If it’s not blue enough for you, add another wet blue layer on top of it.
  4. Polish off the eye look with brown liner on the upper lash line and the outer third lower lash line, smudging the lines gently.  Apply mascara.


  1. Trace your lips with lip liner, then apply a lipstick just a few shades darker than your natural lip color.
  2. With the same lipstick, dab your finger on the end and gently pat and stroke the color onto your cheek bones.  This gives a natural blush without any effort.

And you’re done! 😀

Gluten Free Cosmetic Products Used:

Bonus Pic. Cuz I love y’all.



  • Red Apple Lipstick e7
  • Red Apple Lipstick e9
  • Red Apple Lipstick e1
  • Red Apple Lipstick e3

Liner: Monave’s Eye liner Espresso

Lashes: Emani Soy Mascara


Liner:  Red Apple Lipstick’s Retractable- Almost Red (I probably will use a lighter color next time for this look)
Lipstick: Red Apple Lipstick’s Strawberry Lips