OK, so, technically it’s more of a “Gluten Free Makeup, Skincare, Haircare and Cosmetic list”, but that’s something of a mouthful.  😛

I’m writing to let y’all know that I’m going to release it THIS Friday, the 20th!  Last week I was aiming for this Monday, but you can see how that worked out…  I’m still formatting, tweaking and writing blurbs for the list so that it’s attractive to look at and easy to use, but the first edition’s worth of info is done.

Now, I’ve been diligently working to find gluten free cosmetics ever since I started Gluten Free Makeup Gal, but despite talking with sometimes up to five companies a day, this list still seems very small to me.  Why?  The short answer is because there just aren’t very many reliably gluten free companies out there.  I do not and will not recommend a company that has “a few gluten free options”.  These places are dangerous, due to cross contamination, so I cannot consider them safe.  The only exception to that rule is if they separately test the “gluten free options” for gluten.  So far, only one company has done that (Arbonne).

Howevuh!  I’m going to be updating this list quarterly (any more frequent and you’d likely be downloading “updates” that only add/clarify two or three items…).  I don’t expect to ever be “done” with the list, but I do hope to be able to expand it fairly decently by the next update.


So!  Check back on Friday, Jan 20th and take a gander at the sidebar.  There’s gonna be a box there and that’s how you’ll get your hands on the “Gluten Free Makeup List”.  I’ll post about it on Facebook, Twitter and maybe Google+ if I can figure it out before Friday…  😛

Also, expect something of a “companion post” to the list in the very near future.  I’ll give you a hint on what it’ll be about:  The first letter is “T” and the word rhymes with “resting”…  😉


Check the ingredients? – Urban Decay

Now, I’ve heard a lot about Urban Decay.  Some of my fav YouTube makeup artists just rave and rave about UD and it’s been at the top of my “to try” list for a while now.  So, some time back (before GFMG), I sent off an email to them.

I received this in reply.


Hello The Gal,

Thank you for your inquiry. Here is a spreadsheet on all of our items. Hope this helps! If there is a checkmark on a particular product in the Gluten free category it is gluten free. IF you have any questions please feel free to write back. Have a wonderful day.

Urban Decay
Customer Service


Now, this was before I knew how to ask properly to get all the information I needed.  😛  What I really wanted to know was how they deal with gluten; do they account for cross contamination; etc.  But at least they knew about the issue, right?

However, because she did not give me a detailed answer and because I was still learning about gluten free cosmetics myself, I held off on ordering UD.


But recently, I really needed new eyeliner bad, so contacted UD again with more specific questions; hoping to be able to use some of theirs.  Here’s what I got in reply:



Thank you for your email. Unfortunately not all our product are gluten free. Please look at the ingredient list to see which items do not have gluten in them. If  you have any further questions please feel free to reply to this email.

Urban Decay

I was a bit shocked by this reply.  You’re kidding, right?  I can’t just look at the ingredient list and know what has gluten in it!  It can hide everywhere, in everything, and though I can look at a label and tell whether or not it might have direct gluten in it, I can’t know for sure!  There are too many variables in cosmetics and only the company can know which way they go.

I’m hoping this particular UD support person is just new, or something.  Because the last gal at least gave me a good answer to the question I asked.


At any rate, Urban decay is not gluten free.  As far as I know, they do not bother with cross contamination issues and like most other large companies, previously “gluten free” products are not always going to be gluten free.  Even though most of the eye shadows (for instance) were gluten free Spring 2011, it doesn’t mean they always will be.

So if you want to avoid gluten in your cosmetics, don’t buy Urban Decay.  It’s not worth the risk.  🙁


My Top 10 Gluten Free Cosmetic Stocking Stuffers

I love stockings!  I love the little things tucked away inside the over-sized sock.  I love how creative and meaningful these tiny things can be.  I love how each stocking reflects the personality of the receiver.  And I love knowing how much care has gone into stuffing each one.  Such a warm, fuzzy feeling as you dip your hand into the mysterious depths of the stocking.  And of course there’s the fun of not even having a clue what’s down there!

Thinking of stuffing your loved ones stockings with makeup and face care items this year?  Here’s my top 10 list!

  1. Alima Pure’s Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow (lightly sparkly eye shadows FTW!! 😀 )
  2. Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea Mask (just learned Pangea Organics is entirely gluten free!! Post coming soon on that.)
  3. Cleure’s Natural Nail Polish (rich shades)  (all natural nail polish that are such lovely colors!)
  4. Afterglow’s Powder Eyeliner (delightfully versatile- can also be used as an eye shadow)
  5. Ecco Bella’s Lip Crayons (like a lipstick, lip liner and lip treatment all in one!  Never seen anything quite like it.)
  6. Ecco Bella’s Dark Chocolate Face Mask (this looks yummy enough to eat.)
  7. Pure Skn’s Lip Plumper (wooo!!  All natural GF lip plumping stuff!! )
  8. Red Apple Lipstick’s Lip Gloss (long lasting and SUPER shiny!)
  9. Afterglow’s Mineral Eyeshadow  (’cause there’s no such thing as too much eye shadow)
  10. Red Apple Lipstick’s Lipstick (’cause everyone could use another tube of gluten free lipstick and this stuff rocks!  😀 )


And there ‘ya have it!  There’s sooo many awesome things out there, it was hard to make it just 10.  😛  Here’s hopin’ some of this lands in some lucky gal’s stocking this year! (read: Mine!  😛 )


A Gluten Free Winter/Christmas Look

Every morning, I step outside to take my dog out for his morning stuff.  Bed hair, night clothes and barefoot on the concrete (hey- it’s urgent business he has out there!).  But these last few mornings have sent heat-accustomed me hopping back inside for some shoes and a jacket.  It’s winter, folks!  Even in Texas, it’s winter!  I can actually see my breath in the air!  O.O  Shocking.

But anyway, the weather and the Christmas season have really put me in the mood for some holiday looks.  So I’ve been checking the latest trends and chosen one of my favorite looks to share with y’all!

Here’s how to get the look above using exclusively Gluten Free Cosmetics:

[click to continue…]


She put it like it is

This gal made this video for a college class.  I wish she told us what her classmate’s reactions were!!  This is a truly excellent presentation.  I’d like to show everyone I know at least some highlights of it.  You go, girl!! Tell ’em about it!!  😀


And then I finally got a chance to see what the girls liked so much about the lip gloss.  I was already head over heels for the lipstick, so was totally primed and ready to test out the gloss.  😀

The gloss comes in a nice sized bottle with a sponge type application wand. The tip has a perfect angle that makes applying the gloss a breeze. It’s pretty thick at first touch, but spreads evenly and smoothly with complete effortlessness. Though the gloss looks quite red in the bottle, when applied on our naked lips, it only lent a slight, natural, enhanced color. That in and of itself is very appealing, but what really makes this stuff rock is the super shine. And wow, this stuff is shiny! Light reflecting, lip enhancing, beautifully shiny!  I’ve never used such a shiny lip gloss.  Never.

Ruby Glass color- which is what I got

But then again, I’m not the one who uses lip gloss all the time.  I use it occasionally, but have previously been of the opinion that it’s just “eh, fine.”  So I’ve asked the resident lip gloss experts to tell me their more practiced and knowledgeable opinions..  😉


Girl #1 (lip gloss connoisseur):  I like the way it looks; I like that it’s really shiny.  You know, it’s got a nice sheen to it.  I also love how it feels when I put it on.  The only possible downside is that it’s a little bit sticky.  But that’s what makes the shine.  So, I love how it looks, I just always need to put more on after a meal or drink.  But I really like it.


Girl #2 (fashion goddess; always on the lookout for style):  Red Apple’s Lip Gloss lasts and stays glossy longer than any of my other natural glosses.  It makes my lips feel so moisturized and goes on really smooth.  I like to wear it because of the pop of shine and how it enhances the shape of my lips without overpowering my natural color.


Girl #3 (unfussy, gluten free queen): I’m not usually a lip gloss fan, but I wanted to try Red Apple’s because it was very pretty in the bottle and I was curious to try a gluten free gloss.  I like how it feels on my lips; very moisturizing and soothing.  I like that it doesn’t have an offensive smell, and being very picky about the scent of stuff I put on my lips, that’s kind of a big deal for me.  In fact, it is a very pleasant scent to me. The gloss seemed to have a lot of staying power too, compared to other lip glosses I’ve used in the past.  Later, after I’ve eaten, worn the gloss all day and it finally starts to wear off, my lips still feel moisturized and smooth, like I’d put on lip balm instead of lip gloss.

As for me, well…

Girl #1, 2 or 3 (take your pick):  Where’s that Red Apple lip gloss?

Me:  Oh, it’s in my purse.

I don’t even bother to take it out anymore, because it now comes with me wherever I go.  If you haven’t already checked out Red Apple Lipstick, I would totally recommend you do so.  You’ll be glad you did.  😉


The first day I wore the Red Apple Lipstick, it was a day I put it through the wringer.  No lipstick should ever have to undergo such torture.  In fact, I would go so far as to say no lips and mouth should ever have to undergo such torture.  By the end of the day, my lips were on the raw side and my mouth was scalded so badly that my taste was still off by the next day.  Oh, and no, I did not do that on purpose.  😛

Poorly insulated mugs of hot tea (with just under boiling temperature drinking edges) and lots of over-baked and super rough, crunchy pizza with hot patches of sizzling cheese made up the torture instruments of the day.

How did the lipstick hold up under this torment?  I’ll put it short and sweet: I was impressed.

One of the girls posed for me

Not having a lip pencil on hand that would work with the color, I had just put the lipstick on my naked lips.  Therefore, I did have a fair amount of bleeding around the edges (I’m guessing from the big pieces of pizza I shoveled hungrily into my mouth). The super-hot and super-harsh food and drink I was passing through my lips did come away with traces of lipstick that melted off clinging to them. Especially that useless hot tea mug. Wow, that was so hot…  It should be criminal for mugs to get that hot.  But despite all the persecution, I went back and looked at the lipstick after all this torture to see what havoc I had wrecked on it. Yes, the edges were a bit smudged. Yes, the sandpaper pizza had ground off some color in the center of my lips. But I still visibly had bright red lipstick on. I repeat: I still had red lipstick on! Some edge wiping and a quick, small retouch later and I walked out as good as new.

On other days, I wore the lipstick while eating and drinking through some normal meals and the damage during those times was quite minimal. It still needed a very light touch-up in the center of my lips, but only to keep the color entirely even.

I have a confession to make: I’ve never been much of a lipstick gal. Usually, it just seems to be more trouble than it’s worth, even before I went gluten free and had all the options I could desire.  But Red Apple Lipstick just might be changing my mind. I love it. Really and truly, love it.  I can’t recall ever having a lipstick that lasts as well (not even ungluten-free ones!), it feels luscious on my lips, the colors are outstanding and I know that everything I’m putting on my lips not only will not hurt me in any way, but will bathe my lips in healing butters and vitamins.  I’m hooked.  Red Apple Lipstick is officially a staple in my makeup bag.


I had decided to test out the lip gloss after I finished with the lip stick, because I simply was not able to keep it in my possession.  I’d get it back for half a day, then it’d be gone again.  I got the impression they kinda liked it.  😛  So, since the lip gloss is pretty popular with the girls, instead of just getting a review from me, I’m gonna tell y’all what they have to say about it too.  😉  Look for that in the third and final post coming later this week!


I’ll give it to ‘ya straight:  I’d about run out of hope for gluten free lipstick.  There’s a lot of pretty stuff out there, but most of it is more like colored lip balm than real lipstick. Which, you know, is great for some applications.  Heck, I even used to keep Burt’s Bees colored lip balm in my purse at all times, until I found out it’s not gluten free (*very sad face*).  But that’s totally not lipstick.  Like, not even close.  Seriously, when a gal wants lipstick, she wants lipstick; am I right?  Yeah, thought so.  And I was half-way convinced there was no such thing as the real deal in the gluten free world.

Then I found Red Apple Lipstick.  Who claims to be “the best lipstick and lip gloss on the planet”.  And who is also gluten and paraben free.  And who claims to have real stay-on power.  And who boldly states to be completely awesome.

My interest was totally snagged, but I was a bit skeptical.  This sounded like “the perfect lipstick”.  And I’d never yet met the perfect lipstick, especially not a gluten free one.

But then I got the “Red!” lipstick and the “Ruby Glass” lip gloss in the mail.

All the girls in my family clustered around the package as I examined the contents.  The packaging of both the gloss and the lipstick felt high quality and the colors were amazing.  I was just noting that they looked exactly like the pictures on the website, when the lip gloss was taken from my hands and a quick “May I?” ended with it vanishing into the bathroom to be applied.  I had to wait a bit to try out the lip gloss myself.  😛  But I did try the lipstick right off.


You know that luxurious feeling of putting a super rich butter on your skin?  The way it seems to caress and soothe your tired body?  That’s what this lipstick feels like on my lips.  Smooth, soft, silky, mmmmm…  Then the sweet, natural, beeswaxy honeyish scent.  Not overpowering, but very pleasant as it wafts up gently.  Then the color.  And wow, this is really red!  Not a primary red, but a rich, succulent red, that seems to lean a teeny bit more towards the yellow undertones than the blue.  Bright, bold and seriously attention grabbing.

This is truth:  I wore a simple black t-shirt, jean skirt and light eye makeup the first day I wore this lipstick out.  And I’m not sure I’ve noticed so many people looking my way ever before.  I kid you not.

Next week, I’ll tell y’all my first experience with the wear and tear properties of the lipstick, and what happened when I finally got the gloss back.  😛  Stay tuned!


Are you serious? :( – Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees.  The go-to brand for every natural girl around.  With a history of skipping the chemicals and using natural oils and fragrances, Burt’s Bees has been a favorite for the health-conscious folks since the mid-90’s.  My sister swears by their lip balm, saying no other product she’s tried works quite as well.

But I just recently heard a rumor that Burt’s Bees was not gluten free.  *insert duh-duh-duuuuuuuh doom/horror music*  What?  Not gluten free?  Honestly, it hadn’t even occurred to me beforehand that it wasn’t.

A dig through their site revealed no information on gluten, so off went the email to customer service.

Here’s the reply I received from Burt’s Bees.

Dear The Gal,
Thank you for contacting Burt’s Bees.

While we can identify products in which we do not use raw materials containing gluten, we cannot certify that our vendors did not process these ingredients on equipment where contamination could occur. For the most accurate source of information, please refer to the list of ingredients on our website or on the product.

All of our lip products are gluten free except for our Res-Q Lip Balm.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Leigh Mize
Consumer Response Representative
Consumer Services

So, what they are calling “gluten free” is simply the products without straight gluten containing ingredients in them.  But if they don’t know if their ingredients are gluten free, then the product isn’t certainly gluten free.

Nevertheless, thank you Burt’s Bees for the reply!  I am terribly, terribly disappointed that your products are unsafe, but am very grateful for honest info.  Now to try and find someone to replace your awesomesauce lip balm…  🙁


This is the last post in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  *sings to the tune of that line in Owl City’s “Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust”*  “Lauren Brooke, I’m sad to see you gooooo…”  I’ve had fun writing about this wonderful company!  Here’s hoping you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed reviewing it.  🙂

In this post, I review the final components in a makeup routine.


Organic Perfume Oil- Enchant

I am a big fan of perfume oils. No watery sprays can ever beat the intense, alluringly natural scent of essential oils.  After whiffing  perfume oil, every other type of perfume smells harsh and false.  Even the stuff I used to like just doesn’t appeal to me so much anymore.

I have never smelled anything quite like the Enchant oil of Lauren Brooke’s perfume. It’s clear that a great deal of care went into the crafting of many essences into a unique blend. There’s a cinnamon-ish, chai-ish, exotic scent to it that somehow brings up images of spicy Indian food and shimmering silk saris. Oh, and Thanksgiving. Really not sure why the last keeps getting thrown in every time I smell the oil…

If you like oil perfumes, you’ll love this. If you’ve never tried oil perfumes, you totally should try this.


Eye Makeup Remover

I’ve never actually tried anything like this before. The makeup remover is like a thick balm, closer in texture to a butter than most of the eye makeup remover products I’ve tried before. Because it is so different, I tried some various ways of using it. Using my fingers, using a pad, wiping it straight off or letting it sit for a while before wiping it off, etc.

But I’m thinking I must have missed something, because it simply did not work. Once the remover warms on your skin, it turns into an oil that should work beautifully. But somehow or other, I feel like I’m wiping and wiping and wiping the oil off and getting very little of the makeup. By the time I finally was beginning to finish getting mascara and eyeshadow off, my sensitive eyes felt raw from all the rubbing of the pad.

Knowing how well oil makeup remover works, I can’t figure out why I couldn’t get this one to work for me. Maybe I didn’t use enough of the remover? I already used enough to make my eyes feel heavy (though very moisturized!). Maybe I didn’t let it sit long enough? Maybe my pads are too rough? I don’t know.

This is honestly the only thing I tried from Lauren Brooke that I did not care for at all. But it’s also the only thing that was completely and totally different than anything I’d ever tried before. Perhaps if I had a larger supply of it and spent some time playing, I could figure out how to use this remover to it’s highest potential.


And there ‘ya have it!  This is my longest series to date, but I felt that I could hardly do justice to this amazing company in one post. I’ve enjoyed other makeup, but there’s something very luxurious about Lauren Brooke that I have never come across before. I feel like I’m really “dressing up” when I use their products, even though I’m just heading to the grocery store. I also feel satisfaction in knowing that I’m supporting a company that supports small communities and fair trade.  If you haven’t already checked out Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, I would totally recommend you do. 😀