How to Contour with Gluten Free Makeup

Whoever hasn’t heard of contouring has been living at the bottom of a deep, dark well where the delightfully TMI internet and juicy celebrity gossip never reach them.

Wait… Actually maybe that’s not so bad after all.

Anyway, on your radar or not, contouring is a great way to add definition to your already gorgeous face. Sure, you could also reshape it into an exact replica of Michael Jackson, but unless you’re dressing up for Halloween I’d rather see your real face, thank you.

How to Flawlessly Sculpt Your Face

Contouring advice is everywhere you look. Some of it good, most of it bad, and some of it hide-your-children-a-monster-is-here bad. Instead of slogging through the bad advice, go check out my article in the latest Simply Gluten Free Magazine (Sept-Oct ’15). Not only is it an actually good article (obviously), but the lovely Erin painted glorious watercolor illustrations to show you exactly how to follow the steps.

Check out where to find the magazine here. And don’t drool too much over Erin’s paintings.

If you want some tips right now, here’s an awesome video to show you some contouring basics.

Now of course… None of the products in the video above are safe to use. And my article is also only about the technique. So before you can get started, you need to assemble your kit.

The Magic Products You Can’t Live Without

Basically, you need something to darken and something to brighten. There are tons of products specifically for contouring in the non-gluten-free world, but few of them are exactly replicated in the gluten free world. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter too much. Since all we need is dark and light, we can use any product that gives us that effect.


Darker Foundation
This is by far the easiest way to find a good contour powder. Choose a foundation a few shades darker and a shade cooler than your usual foundation. You want to give the illusion of a shadow, so cooler is better than warmer.
This is my current favorite contouring alternative. Sounds kinda crazy, but it works so well. Choose a shade that’s matte, cool and brown. I’ve been using this shade from Red Apple. Because eyeshadow is so pigmented, it requires a lot of blending and a very light hand to not be too heavy or sharp an application. However, you may already have a shadow you can use on hand. So all that may be left is to get the hang of applying it.
This is not an ideal product to use. The warm tones make for a strange-looking shadow and in most cases do as much harm as good to the overall look. However, if you are very warm skinned and have found a strangely cool bronzer (maybe like this?), you may be able to get away with using this.
Contouring Powder/Cream
The product actually designed for contouring. It’s surprisingly hard to find in the gluten free makeup world! There’s only one I’m aware of at this point in time. And that would be this. It only comes in one color, so if this color doesn’t work for you, then you’re out of luck. But with all the other products above you can also use to contour, have no fear. There’s something out there for you.

We’re not going for this y’all, no worries. 😉


Pale Concealer
Since it’s a good idea to use concealer a few shades lighter than your skin, it’s possible you already have a concealer that will work for this. The downside of this method is that many concealers tend to look cakey when used over large swaths of skin. Try it if you can, but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t look quite right. Just try another method.
Lighter Foundation
Again, this is one of the easiest ways to get a good highlight. Get a foundation a few shades lighter, but don’t mess with the tone this time.
The cool thing about eyeshadow is that most lines already have highlighting shades. Often a nude or whiteish color with either sparkle or gentle light-reflection, eyeshadow for highlighting is often easier than eyeshadow for contouring. I keep going back to is this one.
Highlighting Powder/Cream
For all the difficulty of finding contour products in the gluten free makeup world, highlighting is oddly easy. Creams and powders abound, from just about every popular gluten free makeup company. However, I highly recommend you try this one.

The Often Forgotten Trick to Getting the Most Out of Your Products

Almost as important as the products themselves is the proper application. Even if you had all the right products, the wrong brush and a heavy touch can literally ruin your look.

If you want to cover all your bases, check out this entire vegan, soft as butter and reasonably priced kit.

Or if you just want the right brushes for this, grab this contour brush and this highlight brush.

The Ultimate Secret to Perfecting Your Technique

Stand in front of the mirror. Stare at your own eyes. Look DEEP into your eyes. Then chant three times “I will be an awesome contourer.”

Nah, just kidding.

There’s only one secret to perfecting your contour technique.


Practice on days you don’t need to go out. Practice when you’re just meeting your BFF for coffee (bonus points if she’s a bluntly honest BFF who can tell you what she thinks). Practice whenever the pressure is low and/or your makeup is unnecessary.

In less time than you think, you’ll be contouring like a pro.

Do you have any awesome tips for sculpting your face? Let us know in the comments!

Photos by: Lisa Widerberg, Purplestars1986

Still looking for a certain gluten free makeup product? Find whatever you’re looking for right here.


Everywhere you look today, someone is claiming to be gluten free. You're pretty used to this in food, since all the trendy restaurants have supposedly gluten free menus: "Get our trademark burger! With no bun, none of our trademark sauce and no seasoning! 😀 Oh and don't worry that we bake our trademark buns in the kitchen- there's no wheat in your burger so obviously you'll be totally fine lol"

But now this attitude has bled into makeup. And just like in food, this may be OK for some people. But for those of us who get a headache just by walking into a bakery? Who avoid eating at other people's houses because their contaminated kitchen makes us sick every time? Who are EXTREMELY CAREFUL that no gluten is anywhere in anything we put on our bodies?

It's turning into a minefield for us.

"Gluten free" does not mean gluten free. Just because a company says something is safe, doesn't mean it actually is.

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Here's 5 companies who advertise themselves as gluten free, but should be avoided like the plague if you're extremely sensitive.



Don't be fooled by their very carefully worded gluten statement. They are not lying to you, but all they do is formulate without gluten ingredients. They have no control over cross-contamination at any stage of the game.

This is fine for many people, and in fact some readers of Gluten Free Makeup Gal have reported being able to use Tarte without issue. However, more sensitive readers have told me they had terrible reactions from using Tarte makeup. Stay away from this brand if you're one of those sensitive folk.


Mineral Fusion

This one is incredibly tricky. In several of their products, they use isolated barley protein, which has been processed to "remove gluten". You can read my full blog post about it here.

It's becoming quite trendy to remove gluten from gluten grains. But how safe it actually is remains a hot debate. Funny how the people who claim it's safety the loudest are the ones selling gluten-removed products... Technically, these ingredients can pass our current gluten tests. But there is evidence to indicate that the gluten-removal process simply changes the form of the gluten and does NOT remove it entirely (again, read the previously linked article for details). This allows the product to pass the tests, yet still aggravate a sensitive person.

Not all of the products have isolated barley protein. But if that ingredient concerns you, it is processed​ in the same facilities as every other "gluten free" product. Thus making everything this company makes dubious for the extremely gluten sensitive. And yes,



They will not disclose any detailed information about their gluten policies. Word for word- "we are not able to discuss specific details or sourcing of our product ingredients and formulas".

If they won't give sourcing details, we can't know what they consider safe to be. What does gluten free even mean to them!? No product is worth that level of uncertainty.


Juice Beauty

The last time I heard from this company, they told me that oats could never be contaminated with gluten, because oats don’t have gluten in them. When I asked if they were using CERTIFIED gluten free oats, they never responded. In fact, after 2 years of trying, they still haven't replied to my questions. 

So maybe their oats are gluten free now. Maybe they understand gluten contamination better now. But if a company won't give detailed gluten information, that in and of itself is a huge red flag. Do they have something to hide?


Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

While I love what Ava Anderson stands for, they also only formulate without gluten and cannot guarantee a lack of cross-contamination. It seems like they understand gluten fairly well otherwise, since they do use certified gluten free oats.

If you're not incredibly sensitive they may be OK for you. In fact, they're such a cool company, you should probably check them out if you can. But if you're very sensitive, stay away and admire from a distance.

Again, these companies are not safe for those who are extremely sensitive. If you're not terribly sensitive, they may still work for you just fine. Every person's level of sensitivity is different and what works for one person may not work for another.

But when your health is at stake, there's no such thing as too careful.

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So how about you? Will you be avoiding these companies, or will you try them anyway?

Photos by: stockimages


The Gluten Free Makeup List is the biggest collection of all the safest gluten free companies in the body care and cosmetic industry. Gluten free makeup, gluten free skincare, gluten free hair care, and gluten free body care all have their place on this list.

For the first time ever, I’ve updated the design of the Gluten Free Makeup List. We now have a cover image! WOOT! You can see a thumbnail of the cover to the right. The full-sized version is at the bottom of this post, so be sure to feast your eyeballs on that. Looks nice, huh? I wanted it to better align with the look of The Ultimate Guide to the Best Gluten Free Makeup. And that look may or may not have something to do with changes coming soon-ish to… 😉

In this edition, the Gluten Free Makeup List adds 4 new and exciting companies that I’m dying to share with you. It also removes one small company who quietly went out of business. I feel like there’s a joke somewhere here about adding 4 items and tomorrow is the 4th of July… But I won’t pain y’all by attempting to figure it out. Ha!

Now- grab a glass of ice water, sit in front of your fan, and check out the new companies the Gluten Free Makeup List.


Au Naturale Glow

A fantastic company with the best gluten free cream concealer I have EVER tried. Bar none. They have stunning products in general, with a clean and easy to use website that makes it a snap to order from them.


Exuberance Beauty

A certified gluten free, vegan, USDA Organic and fair trade skin care brand. I haven’t tried them yet, but their 100% satisfaction guarantee means that even if you try the products and decide they’re not for you, you can still return them! But seriously, with ingredients as clean and pure as these, I can’t imagine anything less than you loving them. 😉


Honey Girl Organics

This may be the smartest skincare line I’ve seen in ages. Combining the healing properties of honey, the moisturizing abilities of beeswax and the power of propolis, everything from this company packs as much bee-related power as possible into one single product. I’ve never seen anything like it. But the concept has me 100% sold.


Scotch Naturals

You may have already seen this brand in your local health food stores. But it’s now confirmed that they are gluten free! In addition, this nail polish brand isn’t just “3 Free”, or “5 Free”, or even “7 Free”, but they’re all free.  Scotch Naturals is nature-based, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Check out their classy colors and unique technology that is said to make them dry rapidly and last for a very long time.



Just the one company, Bellus. They were always a tiny company, but recently went out of business without a peep. If you have any products of theirs, no worries, it’s still safe! But you can no longer purchase more from them.


And that’s all, folks! If you’re signed up for the list already, you probably got here from the email I just sent you. If not, it’s coming to you any second now.

If you’re not signed up for the Gluten Free Makeup List, then it’s time to fix that NOW! Use the form below to instantly get your copy of the list, straight to your inbox.

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Something has been missing from the world of gluten free cosmetics.

Something that the bold and the young-at-heart deeply desire.

Something that has actually been on the Gluten Free Makeup List for a while, but I have not reviewed until now.

It’s not like we’re ungrateful. Having safe products is a gift that we never stop being delighted to receive. But sometimes, a girl just needs…

A stunning collection of outrageously brilliant, gluten free eyeshadows.



Your Color is Here

Looking to punch up your look? Something with high pigmentation and mouthwatering vividness? Concrete Minerals has you covered. Gluten free, vegan and cruelty free, this company packs the fun and the safety all in one. Concrete Minerals makes-

  • Shimmer eyeshadows
  • Matte eyeshadows
  • Lip tints
  • Eye primer

This review is about their shimmer mineral shadows. I got to try the colors in the graphic above, which are these colors:

  • Napalm– Burn-the-house-down fiery orange.
  • Ruse– Glowing, angelic gold
  • Temptress– A rich, dark teal that dances between the edges of green and blue.

Coloring and Pigmentation

Concrete Minerals - All ColorsThis stuff is so intense, it’s dangerous. Seriously, no namby-pambying can happen when you’re using these products. You will get what you paid for. Thus if you’re not looking for oomph, don’t go here.

Concrete Minerals releases new colors on a fairly regular basis. They’re a bit slower to retire colors, but do it frequently enough to keep their selection fresh and up-to-date. Their colors are bold, in-your-face and vibrant.

Staying Power

On their own, Concrete Mineral’s shimmer shadow staying power is practically non-existent. I assume it’s the slippery texture not letting it stick to the soft skin of an eyelid. Thus you absolutely need an eyeshadow base.

Concrete Minerals has their own base, but I have not had the chance to try it. The one I use works fabulously, and it’s this one.

Do you have the guts to try it?

If you’re looking for a makeup adventure, look no further. Concrete Minerals has the brightest, loudest, intensest and flashiest color palette the world of gluten free cosmetics has ever seen.

Only one question remains: Will you tackle it?

Check out Concrete Minerals!


Hello 2nd Quarter! We greet thee with another update of the list!

What’s that you say? The 2nd quarter began at the beginning of April? Shhhhhhhh… Speak no evil, my friend. 😉

In all seriousness, it’s been a crazy month for GFMG. We moved to a new server and had to iron out a ton of bugs. Who knew our old servers had so many band-aids and frayed duct-tape  holding it all together? Anyway, everything should be fixed now. We're faster, cleaner and smarter than ever before! So call this a “celebration” list.

Wait. No. That's totally not what we should call it. Here we go:

The "Kiss Band-Aids & Frayed Duct-Tape Goodbye" Gluten Free Makeup List

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Ha! That's much more like it!

Anyway, despite running around doing technical stuff, there are some significant changes to this edition of the list.

Removed from the List

One company: Goldfaden M.D.

Their customer service assures me their products are gluten free. However, at least one of their products does contain hydrogenated wheat germ oil.

This would hardly be the first time a company has told me their wheat germ was gluten free. However, y'all rarely hear about those companies because I manage to catch them before they go on the list. But this time, Goldfaden M.D. insisted their products were free of all gluten ingredients, even in the face of my usual questions.

Technically, the FDA would allow hydrogenated wheat germ oil to be considered gluten free if it tests below 20 ppm. But in the experience of my readers, this is NOT SAFE. Thus I won't allow it on my list.

Added to the List

  1. Epic Mineral Beauty
  2. R+Co Hair

I'm super excited about both of these companies. Like, seriously.

Epic Mineral Beauty is the first mica-free mineral foundation on the Gluten Free Makeup List. Gotta admit, I didn't even know mica allergies were a thing until a reader asked if I knew about any mica-free foundations. I didn't. So I looked. And thus we have this awesome company added to our collection!

R+Co is a professional quality hair care and hair styling line. Customer Service was super nice and helpful, and their products look amazing. Dry shampoo? Thickening spray? Yes and YES! Also, no bearing on their safety, but their packaging is on point. Very pretty and stylish.

Also re-added to the list is Arigato Skincare. Somewhere in all the list rewrites I've done, they vanished for no particular reason. They're not unsafe and they are still in business. So not sure how they got lost? Anyway, they're are officially back now. I wrote a review a long time ago and really enjoyed them!

And that's it for updates! If you're already signed up for the list, you probably have the update in your inbox right now. If you aren't signed up- why not?? Grab your copy of the updated list below!

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Sunkissed Eyes – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

As spring rolls in, what are you changing in your makeup routine?

With warmth flooding in and the sun growing bolder, it’s time to shake up your look. Gone are the days of dark eyes and gobs of liner. In comes the bright and the fresh.

Double whammy if it’s also outrageously fast to put on.

To celebrate spring and the oncoming sun, I decided to create this cheery, bronzer-based look. And whudaya know, it’s now one of my very favorites! It’s so easy, so fresh, and adds warm definition without taking away from your natural eyes. Best of all, you probably have all the products on hand already.
Sunkissed Eyes - Gluten Free Makeup Monday

  1. Sweep a nude shade over your lid. (we used this one)
  2. Dust bronzer into your crease. Bonus points if it’s the one you used on your face! (the entire look was done with this bronzer)
  3. Dab a gold shade into your inner eye. (we used the color Sand here)
  4. Apply illuminator on your brow bone. Again, you can use the same one you used on your face. (my absolute favorite is this one)
  5. Apply mascara to your upper lashes. (the fabulous one of today is this one)

Super easy, right? Try it yourself! Post your results on Instagram and tag @glutenfreemakeupgal. I wanna see what y’all come up with! 😉


The safety of mainstream makeup is a hotly debated topic.

Some companies tell you "all our products are gluten free!"

Others say some of their products are gluten free.

And some just tell you nothing at all.

Meanwhile the blogosphere debates. Do these companies know what they're doing? Is their definition of "gluten free" good enough? Can mainstream makeup really be gluten free?

Let me tell you a quick story…

Once upon a time, there was a non-gluten-free company who decided to make gluten free products. They plastered “Gluten Free!” on the packages and stocked the stores, expecting sales to come pouring in. After all, this was 2008 and the gluten free craze had truly begun.

Not long afterwards, two different mothers bought the products for their wheat-allergic children. And after consuming them, both children were rushed to the ER.

Naturally, the mothers threw a fit. But the company blew them off with the insistence that the products were safe.

Then a hero stepped in- The Chicago Tribune. Chomping at the bit for a story, they sent the products to be tested in an independent lab.

The results came back with outrageous news. The products all contained between 116 and 2,200 parts per million of gluten.

In late 2008, the Chicago Tribune discovered gluten in Wellshire Farms’ labeled gluten free chicken nuggets.

To this day, we don’t know how gluten came to be those products. Was it an accident? Was it on purpose? Or was it something they shrugged at and let go, thinking it wasn’t enough to harm anyone? Wellshire Farms isn’t talking, so we may never know.

But one way or another, our favorite poison was in clearly labeled gluten free products. And nobody knew until it was too late.

Since then, FDA gluten regulations have been passed. So now that scenario is unlikely to happen. With < 20 ppm being the standard, as long as you can handle 20 ppm, food that is labeled gluten free should be safe for you.

But that’s all food. How is this story relevant to makeup?

Because today's world of personal care is at the same place as Wellshire Farms was in 2008.

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It says “Gluten Free” so just Believe It

Dozens of personal care companies are leaping on the gluten free bandwagon. It’s the latest and greatest in advertising. Slapping “gluten free” on the box is trendy, makes them look health conscious and has absolutely no regulation surrounding it. If a company wants a personal care product to be gluten free, all they have to do is say “this product is gluten free.”

See where this is going?

Just because a company says a product is “gluten free” does not mean they have any clue what gluten free actually means.

And yet if you email the company, they will likely email back and give you a list of all their gluten free products. If you search on the internet, you’ll find blogs reiterating what the companies are telling them. “XYZ is safe! Yay!!”

I wish. But that’s simply not true.

If you’re Topically Sensitive to Gluten, Large Companies are Not Safe.

At this point in time, no large company understands what it means to be gluten free.

I have spoken to every major personal care cooperation in the US. They have gone through the screening process for every company ever considered for the Gluten Free Makeup List. And every single one of them commits one or more major errors that makes their products unsafe for topically sensitive people.

They tack on “Gluten Free” because they know it sells. Not because they’ve done the research to know what it means.

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They don't know what their gluten free customers need. All they know is that you want it. And if it says gluten free, it’s enough for the large number of faddish people who don’t need the real deal.

The sad part is, this is unlikely to change any time soon. Because the gluten sensitive population is not their target market, it doesn’t really matter what our needs are. If every single person who needs gluten free makeup boycotted their products, they wouldn’t even notice a blip in sales. We’re just too tiny for them to care about.

We need a Company to Fight for our Safety

In order to beat the villain Gluten, a company has to be dedicated. They have to be willing to put the effort into learning where gluten hides and how to get rid of it. This isn’t a battle you can just take a swing at and hope you hit the right place. We’re talking about our health here. This is a battle which a company has to be prepared to fight.

Mainstream companies do not have that dedication.

Do you really want to trust your safety to a company that doesn’t know how to keep you safe?

In the End, Your Safety is Your Choice

Everyone's level of sensitivity is different. If you are not terribly sensitive, perhaps traces of gluten in your makeup is OK for you.

I’ve chosen to only allow companies on the list who are dedicated to being gluten free. These are the companies who can be used by anyone who’s sensitive to wheat or gluten. No matter how sensitive they are. It’s strict and exclusive, yes. But it keeps everyone safe.

Whether or not you choose to use mainstream personal care products is entirely up to you. Your level of sensitivity is your own. What you’re comfortable with is something nobody should argue against.

You define what is safe for you. Because at the end of the day, you know what you need far better than I do.

How comfortable are you with mainstream makeup and personal care? Do you use it?

Photos by: Carsten Tolkmit, Envios


Let me start out by saying that I’m very biased towards LONDONTOWN.

Terrible way to start a review, huh? 😉

Here’s the thing though: This is my second review of this company. I’ve been using them for, what, two years now? And in that time, I still haven’t found a nail polish that I love more than them.

Their colors, their durability, their beauty, their gentleness…What’s not to love?


Products were used in this order:

  1. Strengthening Lacquer Remover
  2. Nail Hardener
  3. Polish: Piccadilly Square
  4. Glitter: Manchester Nights
  5. Protective Top Coat

This exact set has lasted unchipped for up to 5 days. The one you see above even lasted through heavy cleaning without gloves. I’ve never had a polish last so well for me. Maybe I’m just a bad polish applicator (no, actually, I am), but LONDONTOWN tempts me to do my nails far more often than any other polish ever has.

Polish- Picadilly Square

Piccadilly SquareThick and creamy, this polish is a breeze to apply, even for me. Ha! It takes very few coats to get an even layer, and tends to be more forgiving if your strokes aren’t perfect. It dries to the touch within 20 mins or so, though still takes probably 6-8 hours to fully cure. Their colors are gorgeous, and they put out a new set every season. I’d really like to collect them all!

Picadilly Square is a true coral shade. Warm and cheery, it looks better on cooler skin tones. The model above has cool/neutral skin, and as you can see, it looks lovely on her!

Even by itself, this polish has pretty decent durability. But to get the most out of it, you really need to pair it with it’s sister products: Nail Hardener and Protective Top Coat.

Glitter- Manchester Nights

Manchester NightsI’m so not a glitter person. But this glitter isn’t glitter. Well, it is, but not really.

There is only a tiny wash of color in the suspension polish, that adds the faintest hint of additional pink to the polish. The glitter itself is not at all sparkly. Rather, it has a pearlescent glow that adds an unexpected layer of fun elegance to the manicure. The suspension polish is very thin, but has excellent adherence. It leaves the glitter as a texture on the polish that does not knock off independently.

Nail Hardener

Nail HardenerThis stuff. This stuff is magic. Whatever polish you have on hand (pun intended), this bottom coat will grab it and make it last days longer than it would have on it’s own. However, to get the full power of this bottom coat, you really do need to pair it with LONDONTOWN’s own polish.

It has very little scent, dries extremely rapidly, yet makes your manicure last and last. There’s really not much more to say about it, but I love this stuff so much it feels like I should keep going. It just works. And now I never do a manicure without it.

Protective Top Coat

Protective Top CoatThe final piece to the cocktail of enduring manicures: The top coat. LONDONTOWN’s top coat features a spit-shine finish, a decently thick consistency, and it’s own lasting power.

Again, it’s such a basic product, and yet it does it so well. I love the usage, the finish, and the way it stays clear and beautiful until the end.

Strengthening Lacquer Remover

Strengthening Lacquer RemoverDon’t you hate it when you try to use a polish remover, but it’s better at drying out your nails than removing the polish? It always irritates me to have to work at getting polish off my nails. But fortunately, LONDONTOWN’s Lacquer Remover does its job without fuss. Which, considering that it’s acetone free, is a mini-miracle. I don’t like acetone, but I tend to dislike non-acetone removers even more than the acetone itself. In this case, you get to ditch the chemical and get a great removal job at the same time.


Once again, this is my favorite nail polish brand. Long-lasting, beautiful and gentle. This is a love that can stand the tests of time. 😉


Where is it!? I dug frantically through my makeup bag as the buildings outside the car flew past. “I could have sworn I packed it. It’s not here!”

“What’s not there?”

“Mascara! I forgot mascara!”

If I didn’t need gluten free makeup, this event would be nothing. All I’d have to do is waltz into the nearest drugstore, snag a new mascara and skip back out. Problem solved.

But I do need gluten free makeup. And I can’t just grab any ‘ol mascara.

“Where am I gonna find gluten free mascara!?”

Emergency or not, there are hundreds of situations where you would rather buy what you need in a store.

  • You want a see a color first hand
  • You dislike shopping online
  • You’re worried about summer heat melting something shipped to you
  • You want to take a shopping trip with your girlfriends
  • Etc., etc., etc.,

There are very few companies that have this option. But the one I’m reviewing today does.


Gabriel Cosmetics has 5 lines:

  1. Gabriel Color
  2. ZuZu Luxe
  3. Gabriel Organics
  4. Clean Kids Naturally
  5. Nail Collection

Today, I’m reviewing products from the Gabriel Color and ZuZu Luxe lines, along with one from the Nail Collection. Both of the makeup lines are certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group! The main difference between the lines is their color selection. Gabriel Color has brighter, more modern shades. ZuZu Luxe tends more towards classic, more laid back shades.

These are the products I got to try:

ZuZu Luxe Shades of Nude Lip Palette

Shades of NudeWith four different nude colors and an included lip brush, this palette covers the bases for a wide variety of skin tones. The colors are too dark for very fair skin, but work well for light, medium and dark skin. Whether you’re cool, neutral or warm, there’s a color here for you.

This is actually the first time I’ve ever played with a lip palette. But since I’ve already played with applying lipstick with a brush, it was second nature to use the palette. The texture of the products is waxy, with only a tiny bit of moisturizing built into them. It’s not drying, but it’s not going to replenish your dry lips either. This texture reduces feathering and smearing, as well as improving wear time. Since it’s not a tube of lipstick to toss in your purse, it’s a good thing this lipstick is long-lasting.

The color payoff is decent, but if your lips are already highly pigmented, expect to get a true mixture of your lip color and the product color. Of course, since these are all meant to look nude, this works out well.

Gabriel Classic Palette – Platinum CollectionGabriel Color Classic Palette – Platinum

Featuring eyeshadows, blush and finishing powder, this palette puts together half the color you need for a complete look. The shadows are a combination of warm and cool tones, while the blush is neutral enough that it should work on most skin tones. The finishing powder has no color whatsoever, and seems a slightly random addition to the palette.

The shadows are attractive, neutral colors. Decently pigmented, easy to wear and blendable, they tend a little towards being chalky. If your lids are normal, they apply well and wear reasonably on their own. However, if your lids are very oily, they will crease badly. Always wear eyeshadow base if you have oily lids. The colors are lovely though and make a wonderful neutral eye.

The blush is beautifully pigmented and blends well. Creamier than the eyeshadows, it gives a delicate wash of color that works well for a variety of skin tones.

Despite the odd addition of the finishing powder, it’s actually an excellent product. Without adding chalkiness, it leaves a smooth, matte finish. This product is an excellent way to polish off your look.

ZuZu Luxe Mascara – Oynx

Zuzu Luxe MascaraIf you’ve read my gluten free mascara feature post, you already know a bit about this already. You know it’s affordable, as well as being one of the easiest mascaras to find in stores. But what you don’t know are the details on how it works.

This mascara is a true black color. The thickening is acceptable, but where the mascara really shines is in adding length. Of all the mascaras I’ve tried, ZuZu Luxe’s mascara adds the most length.

With average wear, this mascara does not flake or smear too badly. However, if the environment is wet, or your eyes are watering continually, any hard blinks will leave a healthy smear under your eyes. It’s easy enough to wipe off, but if you’re going to be sneezing all day, or will be near lots of water, this mascara will have issues. But again, it does stand up to average wear just fine.

Also, with their natural and gentle formula, this mascara is fantastic for sensitive eyes. I can wear it all day without problems.

MeritageGabriel Color Lipstick – Meritage

Intense, but wearable: That defines Gabriel Color’s Lipstick shades. The Meritage color is no exception. A rich, full-bodied wine shade, Meritage packs an elegant punch. It has no sheen, but is a cream finish that lends itself well to all ages.

Of all the lipsticks I’ve ever tried, Gabriel Color’s may be the longest lasting. Like the ZuZu Luxe lip palette, Gabriel Color Lipstick has a waxy texture. It just stays and stays and stays, with almost no feathering, even after eating. When applied with a lip brush and on top of lip pencils, even after a dinner of salad I did not need to reapply the lipstick. I’m extremely impressed with the wear of Gabriel Color’s Lipstick.

In addition, the color payoff is excellent. Even with pigmented lips, the color is remarkably true.

Gabriel Nail Polish- FaunoGabriel Nail Polish – Fauno

Gotta be honest here… I rarely wear nail polish. I loathe doing the whole 9 yards of base, polish and top coat, then still seeing my nails chip on the second or third day. So much effort for so little gain. What’s even the point?

Thus why I rather reluctantly tried the nail polish. Without base or top coat. I figured it’d last a day. But on day 4, it finally chipped for the first time.

Consider me sold. Gabriel’s Nail Polish has unusually good wear for such a reasonably priced, natural nail polish. With a nice finish of it’s own, good coverage and quick surface dry time, this polish is such a breeze to use, even I would love to get a few more colors to wear.

Speaking of colors, the Fauno is a deep, warm shade of nude. It’s too dark and too warm for my skin tone, even though I am warm toned. I think it would look better on someone a little darker than me, and perhaps warmer. That said, there’s a ton of other colors in the same line to play with. So I plan on checking some of those out, ASAP.

All in all, Gabriel Cosmetics has created a reliable, useable, beautiful collection of products. Their price-point is accessible to anyone, their quality good and their colors appealing to anyone, no matter their taste.

And of course, best of all, you can get them in stores!

Find the store nearest you!

Or order online from their website, or Amazon.


There’s no such thing as a Fountain of Youth.

Everyone wants to sell you some variation of it. Something that will keep you “young” forever. Something that erases all time. Freezes it eternally.

But it’s not possible to freeze time.

Of course, there are ways to slow the clock. We all know about the eat healthy, live healthy, stay young longer deal. It’s common lore because it’s true. Taking care of your body slows the aging process and infuses it with grace.

Because there is a beauty in aging that cannot be replicated by the younger generation. The physical manifestations of wisdom are nothing to be scoffed at.

But say you want to go back in time for a day. Or perhaps show off what you already have.

These 5 little tips will help you get there.


  Blooming Cheeks

Nothing says youth and health like a gentle flush.  Of course, that's why we all use blush. But for a "is it real?" au naturel look? Use a cream blush.

Formulated with moisturizing butters and oils, cream blushes can be a mini facial in and of themselves. But those ingredients make a melty, yummy texture that creates a flush that seems to bubble up from within.

Raw.Skin.Ceuticals has my very favorite cream blush. Because GORGEOUS. And moisturizing. And mmmm.


Carefree Warmth

What's vibrant, brimming with life and associated with youth?

A gorgeous tan.

Dust matte bronzer over nose, top of cheekbones, over forehead, on the chin, any place that the sun would kiss.

​Get 20% off Lily Lolo's fresh matte bronzer using code glutenfree20.


Restorative Moisturization

Dry skin = dull skin. Make sure your products are strong enough to really give you the hydration you need.

But what if you can pack in a little firming power? And some cell restoration to pump a little anti-aging in?

Acure's Seriously Firming Facial Serum does all of the above. And if it's raving fans are to be believed, it does that and more.

Grab some for yourself.


Make Your Best Features Shine

This tip is so good, everyone does it regardless of age. If you want a healthy glow, highlighting is the way to go. (why yes, I rhymed, thanks for noticing. 😉 )

To add shine to your look, highlight the top of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, right above the arch of your brows, the center of your chin, and with a teeny tiny eye brush, your inner eyes.

The glorious highlighter that reflects light, but isn't SPARKLES EVERYWHERE? This stuff.


Foundation that Makes You Look & Stay Looking Younger

If you use only one tip out of these, this is the one to use.

Get a foundation that makes you glow.​

And while you're at it, use one that is created with anti-aging ingredients. Double-duty foundation- can it get much better than that?

Vapour Organic Beauty's Atmosphere Luminous Foundation lends a hydrated, youthful glow to your face. All the while nourishing your skin to stay that way.

For the best deal, get it here.

Try any one of these tips to inject some youth into your day! Or for a serious clock rewind, try using them all at once.

What's your favorite way to use makeup products to erase time? Let me know in the comments!