Where is it!? I dug frantically through my makeup bag as the buildings outside the car flew past. “I could have sworn I packed it. It’s not here!”

“What’s not there?”

“Mascara! I forgot mascara!”

If I didn’t need gluten free makeup, this event would be nothing. All I’d have to do is waltz into the nearest drugstore, snag a new mascara and skip back out. Problem solved.

But I do need gluten free makeup. And I can’t just grab any ‘ol mascara.

“Where am I gonna find gluten free mascara!?”

Emergency or not, there are hundreds of situations where you would rather buy what you need in a store.

  • You want a see a color first hand
  • You dislike shopping online
  • You’re worried about summer heat melting something shipped to you
  • You want to take a shopping trip with your girlfriends
  • Etc., etc., etc.,

There are very few companies that have this option. But the one I’m reviewing today does.


Gabriel Cosmetics has 5 lines:

  1. Gabriel Color
  2. ZuZu Luxe
  3. Gabriel Organics
  4. Clean Kids Naturally
  5. Nail Collection

Today, I’m reviewing products from the Gabriel Color and ZuZu Luxe lines, along with one from the Nail Collection. Both of the makeup lines are certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group! The main difference between the lines is their color selection. Gabriel Color has brighter, more modern shades. ZuZu Luxe tends more towards classic, more laid back shades.

These are the products I got to try:

ZuZu Luxe Shades of Nude Lip Palette

Shades of NudeWith four different nude colors and an included lip brush, this palette covers the bases for a wide variety of skin tones. The colors are too dark for very fair skin, but work well for light, medium and dark skin. Whether you’re cool, neutral or warm, there’s a color here for you.

This is actually the first time I’ve ever played with a lip palette. But since I’ve already played with applying lipstick with a brush, it was second nature to use the palette. The texture of the products is waxy, with only a tiny bit of moisturizing built into them. It’s not drying, but it’s not going to replenish your dry lips either. This texture reduces feathering and smearing, as well as improving wear time. Since it’s not a tube of lipstick to toss in your purse, it’s a good thing this lipstick is long-lasting.

The color payoff is decent, but if your lips are already highly pigmented, expect to get a true mixture of your lip color and the product color. Of course, since these are all meant to look nude, this works out well.

Gabriel Classic Palette – Platinum CollectionGabriel Color Classic Palette – Platinum

Featuring eyeshadows, blush and finishing powder, this palette puts together half the color you need for a complete look. The shadows are a combination of warm and cool tones, while the blush is neutral enough that it should work on most skin tones. The finishing powder has no color whatsoever, and seems a slightly random addition to the palette.

The shadows are attractive, neutral colors. Decently pigmented, easy to wear and blendable, they tend a little towards being chalky. If your lids are normal, they apply well and wear reasonably on their own. However, if your lids are very oily, they will crease badly. Always wear eyeshadow base if you have oily lids. The colors are lovely though and make a wonderful neutral eye.

The blush is beautifully pigmented and blends well. Creamier than the eyeshadows, it gives a delicate wash of color that works well for a variety of skin tones.

Despite the odd addition of the finishing powder, it’s actually an excellent product. Without adding chalkiness, it leaves a smooth, matte finish. This product is an excellent way to polish off your look.

ZuZu Luxe Mascara – Oynx

Zuzu Luxe MascaraIf you’ve read my gluten free mascara feature post, you already know a bit about this already. You know it’s affordable, as well as being one of the easiest mascaras to find in stores. But what you don’t know are the details on how it works.

This mascara is a true black color. The thickening is acceptable, but where the mascara really shines is in adding length. Of all the mascaras I’ve tried, ZuZu Luxe’s mascara adds the most length.

With average wear, this mascara does not flake or smear too badly. However, if the environment is wet, or your eyes are watering continually, any hard blinks will leave a healthy smear under your eyes. It’s easy enough to wipe off, but if you’re going to be sneezing all day, or will be near lots of water, this mascara will have issues. But again, it does stand up to average wear just fine.

Also, with their natural and gentle formula, this mascara is fantastic for sensitive eyes. I can wear it all day without problems.

MeritageGabriel Color Lipstick – Meritage

Intense, but wearable: That defines Gabriel Color’s Lipstick shades. The Meritage color is no exception. A rich, full-bodied wine shade, Meritage packs an elegant punch. It has no sheen, but is a cream finish that lends itself well to all ages.

Of all the lipsticks I’ve ever tried, Gabriel Color’s may be the longest lasting. Like the ZuZu Luxe lip palette, Gabriel Color Lipstick has a waxy texture. It just stays and stays and stays, with almost no feathering, even after eating. When applied with a lip brush and on top of lip pencils, even after a dinner of salad I did not need to reapply the lipstick. I’m extremely impressed with the wear of Gabriel Color’s Lipstick.

In addition, the color payoff is excellent. Even with pigmented lips, the color is remarkably true.

Gabriel Nail Polish- FaunoGabriel Nail Polish – Fauno

Gotta be honest here… I rarely wear nail polish. I loathe doing the whole 9 yards of base, polish and top coat, then still seeing my nails chip on the second or third day. So much effort for so little gain. What’s even the point?

Thus why I rather reluctantly tried the nail polish. Without base or top coat. I figured it’d last a day. But on day 4, it finally chipped for the first time.

Consider me sold. Gabriel’s Nail Polish has unusually good wear for such a reasonably priced, natural nail polish. With a nice finish of it’s own, good coverage and quick surface dry time, this polish is such a breeze to use, even I would love to get a few more colors to wear.

Speaking of colors, the Fauno is a deep, warm shade of nude. It’s too dark and too warm for my skin tone, even though I am warm toned. I think it would look better on someone a little darker than me, and perhaps warmer. That said, there’s a ton of other colors in the same line to play with. So I plan on checking some of those out, ASAP.

All in all, Gabriel Cosmetics has created a reliable, useable, beautiful collection of products. Their price-point is accessible to anyone, their quality good and their colors appealing to anyone, no matter their taste.

And of course, best of all, you can get them in stores!

Find the store nearest you!

Or order online from their website, or Amazon.


There’s no such thing as a Fountain of Youth.

Everyone wants to sell you some variation of it. Something that will keep you “young” forever. Something that erases all time. Freezes it eternally.

But it’s not possible to freeze time.

Of course, there are ways to slow the clock. We all know about the eat healthy, live healthy, stay young longer deal. It’s common lore because it’s true. Taking care of your body slows the aging process and infuses it with grace.

Because there is a beauty in aging that cannot be replicated by the younger generation. The physical manifestations of wisdom are nothing to be scoffed at.

But say you want to go back in time for a day. Or perhaps show off what you already have.

These 5 little tips will help you get there.


  Blooming Cheeks

Nothing says youth and health like a gentle flush.  Of course, that's why we all use blush. But for a "is it real?" au naturel look? Use a cream blush.

Formulated with moisturizing butters and oils, cream blushes can be a mini facial in and of themselves. But those ingredients make a melty, yummy texture that creates a flush that seems to bubble up from within.

Raw.Skin.Ceuticals has my very favorite cream blush. Because GORGEOUS. And moisturizing. And mmmm.


Carefree Warmth

What's vibrant, brimming with life and associated with youth?

A gorgeous tan.

Dust matte bronzer over nose, top of cheekbones, over forehead, on the chin, any place that the sun would kiss.

​Get 20% off Lily Lolo's fresh matte bronzer using code glutenfree20.


Restorative Moisturization

Dry skin = dull skin. Make sure your products are strong enough to really give you the hydration you need.

But what if you can pack in a little firming power? And some cell restoration to pump a little anti-aging in?

Acure's Seriously Firming Facial Serum does all of the above. And if it's raving fans are to be believed, it does that and more.

Grab some for yourself.


Make Your Best Features Shine

This tip is so good, everyone does it regardless of age. If you want a healthy glow, highlighting is the way to go. (why yes, I rhymed, thanks for noticing. 😉 )

To add shine to your look, highlight the top of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, right above the arch of your brows, the center of your chin, and with a teeny tiny eye brush, your inner eyes.

The glorious highlighter that reflects light, but isn't SPARKLES EVERYWHERE? This stuff.


Foundation that Makes You Look & Stay Looking Younger

If you use only one tip out of these, this is the one to use.

Get a foundation that makes you glow.​

And while you're at it, use one that is created with anti-aging ingredients. Double-duty foundation- can it get much better than that?

Vapour Organic Beauty's Atmosphere Luminous Foundation lends a hydrated, youthful glow to your face. All the while nourishing your skin to stay that way.

For the best deal, get it here.

Try any one of these tips to inject some youth into your day! Or for a serious clock rewind, try using them all at once.

What's your favorite way to use makeup products to erase time? Let me know in the comments!


This Valentine’s Day, what are you going to do to make sure it’s an amazing day?

You could do the normal stuff, like buying cards, giving chocolate and sending greetings over social media.

But maybe you’ve already done all that. Or maybe the normal doesn’t have the spark that it used to.

Then perhaps it’s time to shake it up a bit. Infuse the warmth back into the day with these 3 steps

Here’s 3 tips for having a fabulous Valentine’s Day. Spoiler Alert: The last one talks about the sweetness that is the giveaway. 😉

1. Love Yourself

This is the one day that we’ve set aside to celebrate the people in our lives who are worthy of love. Whether or not you have a Significant Other doesn’t make a difference as to who gets to celebrate this. Celebrate yourself.

  • Watch a movie or read a book that makes you happy
  • Refresh your spirit by engaging in your favorite hobby
  • Have an at-home spa day

Whatever it is that that soothes your soul, go for it.

2. Love Someone Else

Who in your life is worthy of love? Whether or not you typically send Valentine’s Day cards, take the time to express how much you care about them, in way or another.

  • Call or text them hello. You don’t have to go all mushy on them if that’s not your thing. Just tell them you were thinking of them today.
  • Find an eCard they’ll love and email it to them.
  • Email them a gift card to a place they love to shop at.

Studies show that acts of kindness increase our own happiness. So while it doesn’t seem right to do nice things purely for your own joy… At least you know it’s scientifically proven that everyone benefits from the effort. 😉

3. Treat Yourself

Someone may have already bought you chocolate. Maybe you were presented with roses. Or maybe you got… Nothing. Whatever the case, take advantage of the abundance of goodies and grab yourself something. Go for the mainstream gluten free candy, that bouquet of roses, or maybe… Something to make you feel pretty?

The first two options are entirely up to you to fulfill. But Emani and I want to help you with the third.

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself with sweet goodies from Emani.

We’re giving away everything you need to put the icing on the cake. Sweet lips, blushed cheeks, sexy eyes and the brushes to apply it.

 valentines2015_gluten_free_makeup_giveawayWhat you’ll be winning:

All the colors are gorgeous. The lip products stayed on remarkably well (even through eating). The eyeshadow shades are wearable, but unique. The blush is bright and fun. And the brushes are a fantastic kit to have on hand, or carry around with you.

Sound good to you? The giveaway begins on Valentine’s Day! It ends on the 20th. Click the button below to get started!

Click Here to Win!


It’s been 15 years since the turn of the Century. Weird. But cool.

With the first quarter well under way, here’s the latest update to the Gluten Free Makeup List!

Thanks to the holidays and general year-end craziness, getting info back from companies was slower work this time around. But that’s normal for the final quarter, so nothing to worry about.

What’s New in this Update

This quarter, I did a year-end check up on several old companies on the list. Making sure their gluten policies are still the same, and everything is still safe. All were still safe! And there are no “casualties” to report. 😉

One company got added to the list. And I never would have found them if it weren’t for Brandi sending them over. Anyone wanna take a stab at why she thought of GFMG when she saw this company…?

Click on me and I will show you the wooooorld!

Cute, right? I haven’t tried them yet, but they are safe and have a fantastic collection of products to check out. Cream, loose and pressed foundations, lipsticks, and even mascara! The whole shebang.

If you signed up for the list updates already, you have this update in your inbox right now. Or you were directed here from that email. 😉

If you’re not signed up, what are you waiting for!?

Use the form below to get your copy of the list!

Find Safely Gluten Free Makeup Companies

Also featuring gluten free skincare, hair care & body care

Enter your name and email address for an instant download!

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You’re traipsing along in your everyday life, taking each day as it comes, when BAM!

Suddenly the Holidays.

They hit hard and nearly knock you flat with parties, gifts, cooking, shopping, family and friends and not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holidays. But why does something that’s supposed to be fun end up so stressful?

If this craze is starting to show on your skin, fear not. This article is for you.

Your Dirty Little Secret is Yours Alone

Nobody has to know you stayed up 'til 3 am last night downing a bottle of wine while catching up with old friends. Your body is weary and your face is bleary. You're looking forward to bed with every fiber of your being. But we'll make sure nobody else can tell.

While fixing the problem would obviously be first choice, sometimes that just isn't possible. The show must go on, even if you did only get 4 hours of sleep.

​We'll just hide the evidence.

Your skin doesn't always obey your wishes. If you can't fix it, hide it! Here's how. 

Click to Tweet

Lackluster Skin

Too many late nights, too much alcohol, not enough water, or just plain 'ol weather changes can all contribute to your tired looking face. Put some pep back in your skin with products like these!

Dewy Foundation

Illuminare's Moisturizing Mineral Foundation

Not only does this have the perfect finish for lackluster skin, but it covers blemishes with ease and is moisturizing to help combat winter dryness! Triple win. <3

Cream Blush

raw.Skin.Ceuticals' Cheek Creme Blush

Lending a soft, liquid sheen, cream blush has a way of appearing to shimmer from beneath your skin. Ramp up the glow with the swipe of a finger.


Cracked Lips

"Yay chapped lips!!" said nobody ever. Nasty, icky lips that make you want to nibble them, even though you know you shouldn't because it'll only make them worse. So how about we hide and heal them at the same time?

Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Red Apple Lipstick's Lip Glosses

Red Apple's glosses are shiny, moisturizing and beautiful. Let the slick sheen hide your cracked lips, the natural oils moisturize and protect, and the gorgeousness boost your confidence.

Lip Tint (that acts like lip balm)

Keeki Pure and Simple's Shimmer Stick

Need tons of moisturizing, but don't want to give up that polished look? Grab yourself some lip tints and get the best of both worlds! Gorgeous colors, lots of moisturizing power.


Dry Skin

Indoor heating is lovely, isn't it? But such a difference from the biting winter winds outside. With all the bouncing we do from one extreme to another, dry skin may be everyone's most common winter woe. So try some double duty foundations that moisturize and cover at the same time.

Moisturizing CC Cream

Mirabella's CC Creme

With a wallop of moisturizing power from avocado oil, bamboo water and apple water, this creme blends the best of BB creams hydration and liquid foundations coverage. Seriously, grab yourself a bottle.

Full Coverage Protection

Lauren Brooke Cosmetique's Creme Foundation

Based in beeswax and argan oil, this foundation is like a facial treatment and protective mask all in one. Beat the wind with this foundation that covers, defends and nourishes all at once.


Red, Discolored Skin

Now you've gone and done it. One cocktail too many and your face is still red. Also, you knew eating too much of that dip would make your face all splotchy. But you did it anyway because it was just. So. GOOD. Fine, let's snag some superior coverage foundation and fix you up.

Totally Full Coverage

Illuminare's Concealing Foundation

One of the most powerfully covering foundations I've ever tried. The only downside is the limited color palette. You might need to purchase two and mix them!

Airbrush Away

TEMPTU's Airbrush Foundation Kit

Yes. Gluten free airbrush makeup exists. If your skin is really bad and you have tons of holiday photos for which to pose, this at-home kit can make your skin as perfect as a celebrity's on the red carpet.


Puffy, Dark Eyes

Catching up family is way more important than sleep. Right? Right. So is getting that last pie out of the oven so it'll be ready for tomorrow. But your eyes won't thank you for your priority changes. So let's fight back by masking them so well even Batman would be jealous.

Strong Concealer

Pure Skn's Liquid Concealer

One of the best, most powerful concealers I've ever used. Cover those circles, or blemishes, or darkest sins, and be confident it won't come to light until you're ready to reveal it. 😉

Smokey Eyes

Honeybee Garden's Smokey Eyes Palette

If you just can't seem to cover those rings enough, try a different tactic. How about Redirection? The favorite trick of the magician, you can use it yourself. Distract from those rings by smoking out your eyes on purpose.

I really do love this festive season. It's beautiful, it's joyful, it's filled with amazing food. But it can also run you over like a train and leave you groaning on the tracks.

Don't let the Holidays do a number on you skin. You should do a number on the Holidays. 😉

Do you have any tips for covering up holiday stress? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: tankgirlrs via Compfight cc


The Winners of the Tickets are…

Congratz, ladies!

Each of you has won 2 tickets to the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo!​

Winners have been contacted so they can snag their prize. They have 48 hours in which to claim their tickets. If the winners do not step forward, new winners will be chosen.

Didn't win? No worries, I have a prize for you too.

Until TOMORROW, use code EARLYBIRD to snag $5 off adult tickets!

For the kiddos, use code EARLYKIDS for $2 off kids tickets.

If purchasing both adult and kids tickets, enter one code first then click apply, then enter the second code and click apply.

Sale ends on Halloween, so grab your tickets today!


Do you live in Texas?

Do you live in Oklahoma?

Does your November 15 & 16 look kinda boring?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m talking to you.

Yep. You.​

On Nov 15 & 16, I’m gonna be in Dallas, prancing around the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo.

You should come join me.

We can try endless samples of fabulousness and raid gluten free booths from the likes of-

  • Chebe
  • Pamala’s Products
  • Woodchuck Hard Cider (*swoon*)
  • Schar
  • Udi’s
  • Red Apple Lipstick (gimme!)
  • Glutino
  • New Planet

That’s just listing some of my personal favs. There’s lots of other booths too.


Hi Carol!!!

Also the classes. You can hear Betty Murray, Nadine Grzeskowiak (hello fellow Simply Gluten Free writer! 😀 ), Oonagh Williams and more! Full disclosure: Who I’m most excited about is… Carol Kicinski. Because this means I’ll actually get to meet her. WOOT!

 ​The topics will include:

  • ​Immunity and Food: The Intersection Between Foods & the Immune System
  • The Power of Food: The best medicine or the worst poison for your body. (so true!)
  • The Gluten Conundrum: What is gluten, why am I sensitive, and even though I've given up gluten, why do I still feel bad?
  • Raising A Child Gluten Free
  • and more! (read in infomercial-style energetic tone of voice)

There will be classes all day, both Saturday and Sunday, with 30 minute breaks in between. So you have time to stuff your head and your belly! More info on the classes can be found here.

So basically it's 2 full days of gallivanting around Gluten-Free​-land, learning, eating, chatting with other gluten free peeps, laughing up a storm, shopping and just all around gluten free awesomeness.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention!​ I was so excited when I found this, I applied to become an Official Blogger for the Expo. And whudaya know, they accepted me! Know what that means?

It means​ I have 4 tickets to the Expo to give away.

Since it's more fun to chow through an event with a friend, I'm giving these away 2 at a time.

Want to win a ticket to the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in Dallas, TX?

Follow the instructions below!

There will be 2 winners, each receiving 2 tickets.


For maximum chance of winning, be sure to complete all options.
Some can even be done daily!

Sound good? Enter below!​

Good luck!


"Everything has to come to an end, sometime."

L. Frank Baum, The Marvelous Land of Oz

It's the final quarter and the Gluten Free Makeup List, 2014 Edition is over.

*cue dramatic piano music*​

Of course it's not actually the end of the list forever. We'll be back beginning of 2015. It just sounds more dramatic if you say "THE END".

Seriously though, another year has galloped by and now it's almost over. I did a double take when I realized that this is the fourth and final quarter of the year. ​This list marks the end of 3 years of the Gluten Free Makeup List. Crazy, huh?

Despite it being a notable list update for history's sake, in practice, it's actually quite a tame update.​ Again we have no big upsets (thank God), but nor do we have any earth-shattering news.

Instead of all that, we have an unintentional emphasis on natural deodorant companies this update. We could call it the "naturally stink-less update". Wouldn't that be a great way to tweet this out to your followers.

Grab your AMAZING copy of "The Naturally Stink-less Gluten Free Makeup List" update! The final update of 2014!

Click to Tweet

Do it. I dare 'ya.

It works out though, because winter is a great time to transition to natural deodorants. The detox stage is a little less intense if you're not sweating buckets. So if you've been hemming and hawing about making the switch, now would be a good time to take the plunge.

Without further ado, the updates!​

  • Gluten-Free Savonnerie- Soaps! They have every kind of soap you can imagine. Never tried them, but have heard from many of y'all how much you love them.
  • Greenbody- Natural deodorants that don't all depend on baking soda. Vegan and with tons of lovely essential oils, this is probably a great company to try if natural deodorants keep irritating your skin.
  • Primal Pit Paste- A sturdy, baking soda based, natural deodorant that works even in 96° Texas, 73% humidity, sweat-drenching weather. I know because I've tried it. The review is coming soon. 😉
  • Techniche- Anti-aging skin care that has been "designed specifically for the short- and long-term care of sensitive skin". Never tried it, but they have some interesting looking products. Molecular Rice Mask, anyone?

We do have one removal that I'm really sad about...

Buddha Brand has apparently gone out of business.​

If you have any left, don't worry, it's still fine. If you run across leftovers in a store, GRAB THEM ALL. But they are no longer selling or making them, so they have been removed from the list.

That does it for the final list of 2014!

If you've already signed up for the list, you probably already have the email right in your inbox. If you haven't signed up, then do it right now in the form below!

Find Safely Gluten Free Makeup Companies

Also featuring gluten free skincare, hair care & body care

Enter your name and email address for an instant download!

P.S. If you haven’t already, fill out this short survey and tell me why YOU use gluten free makeup!


Tell Me Why You use Gluten Free Makeup

You have an amazing tale locked up inside of you.

A story that could help thousands of people work their way to health.

A saga that speaks of your struggles and your triumphs.

I’m talking about why you use gluten free makeup, of course. 😉


Keep Your Eye Shadow on All Day – Red Apple Lipstick

Sometimes you need help holding on to the things you care about.

And when I say "things you care about" I mean your makeup, obviously.

​We have some facial primers in the gluten free world, but what about eye shadow primer? I looked for it for ages, but it just didn't exist.

Until now.

​Red Apple Lipstick has made their own eye shadow primer and I'm flipping out. I need it. You need it. The girl next door needs it. Everyone who wears makeup needs this.

Red Apple Lipstick's Primer is made with their usual care for their customers and the environment:​

  • Gluten Free (duh! 😉 )
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free
  • non-GMO
  • Corn Free

At first glance, it seems a wee bit pricey at $27. However, you use so little of the product, it's gonna take forever to run out of it. You lightly run your finger over the top, get a thin layer, then pat that over your entire eye. Or under your eye. Or over a blemish. Because it also makes a surprisingly good concealer.

Red Apple Lipstick's Gluten Free Eyeshadow Primer

When applying, this primer has a wet and vaguely grainy feel to it. You only need a tiny amount, and coupling that with the texture means it dries almost instantly. Once dry, it's powdery and unmoving to the touch.

The concealing power is respectable, enough to even out the shade of your lids. I find that aspect helpful after a late night, since my entire eye socket turns purple if I haven't had enough sleep (heh, lovely right?). I rarely use it as a concealer on my face, because the color is just too pale for me. But it would be possible for someone paler than me.

Keeps Your Color Longer

If you're planning on being outside in the hot sun from dawn 'til dusk, head banging, hip swaying and sweating up an ocean, this primer probably won't keep your jet black eye makeup on all day long. But if you're a normal human being who's just going to be outside on and off, this primer is just the ticket for 'ya.

I've been wearing this over the summer months, from dawn 'til dusk, in and out in the blazing Texas heat. While there is some fading by the end of the day, unlike without primer, the makeup is still far more on your lids than under your eyes. In less extreme weather, your shadow looks very nearly as good as the moment you put it on.

Shimmers 'til the End

Mineral eye shadow is usually sparkly. It's like the first rule, or something. If it doesn't shimmer, it must be noted as such because that's not normal. When you first apply all that shimmer, you've gotta love it because sparkles. But it seems like in general, the sparkles end up under your eyes and down your cheeks within the first hour. Not cool.

This primer lets you keep the sparkles. On your lid, inner eye, under your eye, wherever you want it.

This is all you need for your entire lid

It's not Exactly Magic, but it Sure is Close

After waiting for a gluten free eye shadow primer for so many years, I'm utterly beside myself that one exists. And not only that, it's good! Count on Red Apple Lipstick to focus on quality and safety.

I use this stuff every time I apply makeup, unless I can't find it. Which happens a lot because it gets stolen on a regular basis. Ahem...​ Hopefully y'all will be more lucky in that department.

Grab some Magic Eye Shadow Primer!