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Splash some Orange in your look!

In a perfect world where everyone has Simply Gluten Free Magazine subscriptions, you already know that this is the companion blog post to my article in the latest issue. But since it's not a perfect world, you may not have seen the latest issue yet. If you don't have a subscription you'll either have to stage a black ops break-in to your SGFM subscriber friend's house to steal their issue or...

Everyday Minerals has gained themselves a reputation for being the go-to brand for hip and eco-friendly cosmetics. They can be found in the hands of trendy ladies and earth-minded gals alike. Until recently, all I really knew about them was that they do lab test for [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Hippie Cat Eye

Another look courtesy of my 'Lil Sis, which she calls Hippie Cat Eye.  That is such a perfect name for this look!  It's an earth tone, warm, soft, summery, organic look, that manages to emulate a cat eye look without any liquid liner.  We use [...]