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Splash some Orange in your look!

In a perfect world where everyone has Simply Gluten Free Magazine subscriptions, you already know that this is the companion blog post to my article in the latest issue. But since it's not a perfect world, you may not have seen the latest issue yet. If you don't have a subscription you'll either have to stage a black ops break-in to your SGFM subscriber friend's house to steal their issue or...

Ice Queen – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

It's been chilly here in Texas! The temps are actually dropping below freezing some nights. And for us, that's COLD. 28°?  SNOW COATS, SNOW BOOTS, INSULATED PANTS AND CRANK UP THE HEAT Y'ALL!!! It's winter out there! Having lived in Nebraska for a few years, [...]

Winter Shades – Gluten Free Makeup Monday

For the giveaway last week, Monave sent me a set of their Winter Collection to try out. My sister and I both fell head over heels for the shades. These colors are just... Stunning. Luxurious sheens, vibrant and highly pigmented colors, rich shades... Just beautiful. [...]

Monave Gluten Free Skin Care Gluten Free Makeup GIVEAWAY

I adore Monave. Their products are high quality, they have the best selection of foundation colors I've ever seen, they really know their stuff in the allergy department and they support women by helping them start their own businesses. What's not to love? Oil Control [...]

Beat Dull Winter Skin – Bellus

Got to try some new Bellus stuff the other day! And I have to say, these two products are sooo much fun. Satin Eye Shadow (Chilled Grapes) Satin Complexion Enhancer I tried one of the other colors from Bellus' satin gluten free eyeshadows, since they [...]

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series. Catch up on Part 1 HERE. After loving the foundations of Everyday Minerals, I was really excited to try the "accoutrements": Gluten Free Lipstick Brilliant Eyeshadows Gorgeous Brushes Everything of Everyday Minerals is lab tested for [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Diamond Purple

Why yes, my sisters are obsessed with purple eyeshadow. They are also obsessed with round eyes and sparkles. In this look, we get all three. 8-) It's a pretty and girly-girl look that is at home in almost any setting. Prep your face with your [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Smokey Purple

This week's look is courtesy of both my 'Lil Sisters! Sister #1 has been playing with this look for a while and Sister #2 loooooooooooooooooves purple. So this is the result. ;) The technique of leaving the center of your lid a light shade helps [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Team USA

So who's been watching the Olympics?  At our house, the TV is on almost 24/7, for as long as the Olympics play.  In fact, it's been keeping me from writing as much as I should...  *blush-cough*  But yeah, as I was watching it occurred to [...]