gluten free liquid foundation

Gluten Free CC Cream: You can Have it! – Mirabella

Gluten free CC Cream has never been available before. In all the searching I've done, all the companies I've talked to, all the product lines I've combed, I have never come across a gluten free CC cream, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. Until now.

Illuminaré Gluten Free Liquid Foundation

What's your favorite confidence boosting makeup product? Is it mascara? Bold red lipstick? Bright blush? Well for me, it's liquid foundation. I do love a bold lipstick, but nothing boosts my confidence like knowing my skin looks perfect. But finding the perfect gluten free liquid [...]

Some days, you just feel like you were "meant" to find something.  That cute dress.  That new restaurant behind the grocery store.  That makeup company that pops out of nowhere and is entirely gluten free...  You wanna guess which one just happened to me the [...]