gluten free makeup giveaway

We have our WINNERS!

Congratz Anna and Shuana on winning the gluten free makeup and skincare giveaway!! Go check your emails, because you have been officially notified. Thank you to all who entered this giveaway! We love each and every one of you. Thank you for making it such [...]

Monave Gluten Free Skin Care Gluten Free Makeup GIVEAWAY

I adore Monave. Their products are high quality, they have the best selection of foundation colors I've ever seen, they really know their stuff in the allergy department and they support women by helping them start their own businesses. What's not to love? Oil Control [...]

Congratz to Lori Gallini & Gina Piccirilli Hayden, winners of the 1 year subscription to Simply Gluten Free Magazine!   Thank you SO much to all who made this gluten free giveaway a smashing success. Y'all are awesome! And for all those who didn't win- [...]

GIVEAWAY! Simply Gluten Free Magazine

As many of you know, I have recently become an associate editor of Simply Gluten Free Magazine and I am totally stoked about it.  The writers for the magazine span so many niches of the gluten free community, it's mind-boggling!  We have recipes that are [...]

CONGRATZ JESSICA!!! Thanks SO much to all who entered and made this gluten free makeup giveaway a success!! Just to clarify, the way I picked the winner is I hit a big green button and + Rafflecopter churned, puffed out some green smoke, then [...]

GIVEAWAY! Emani Gluten Free Cosmetic Kit!

Update: The Winner has been announced! Y'all asked for it, so y'all get it!  Welcome to the 1st Gluten Free Makeup Gal Giveaway!   A while back I reviewed some of Emani's products, namely their gluten free mascara and gluten free liquid foundation.  Though I [...]