gluten free makeup tutorial

This is one of those winter trends that make me go "Ooooh yeah!" The darker edges of an Oxblood lip adds a 3D illusion of exquisitely full and lush lips.  It's wearable, beautiful and oh-so-feminine. You could take this look from Winter Queen to Femme [...]

Gluten Free Makeup List v3.0 is here!

And here it is!  A little late, but here at last! In this edition of the Gluten Free Makeup List, I've added a full page's worth of info.  Bearing in mind that the list has been 3 pages long since the beginning, that's quite an [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Warm Summer Pink

Pink and peachy eyeshadow is IN this season!  It's everywhere you look!  Personally, I think it's gorgeous, allowing a subtle flush of color without going overboard.  Unfortunately, any time I get even close to pink shades around my eyes, it makes me look like I've [...]

This week's look courtesy of my 'Lil Sis! My sister describes this gluten free makeup look as "young, bright, summery and easy!" Prep your face with your favorite concealer and foundation. Face: Apply bronzer or your "tan" foundation lightly around the outside of your face, [...]