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GIVEAWAY! Emani Gluten Free Cosmetic Kit!

Update: The Winner has been announced! Y'all asked for it, so y'all get it!  Welcome to the 1st Gluten Free Makeup Gal Giveaway!   A while back I reviewed some of Emani's products, namely their gluten free mascara and gluten free liquid foundation.  Though I [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday- The 1st!

Have you ever read through a brilliant makeup tutorial only to realize that a key product used was not gluten free?  And even worse, you had no way to get it gluten free?  Yeah, that drives me nuts too.  So I decided to fix it. [...]

Some days, you just feel like you were "meant" to find something.  That cute dress.  That new restaurant behind the grocery store.  That makeup company that pops out of nowhere and is entirely gluten free...  You wanna guess which one just happened to me the [...]

Why Gluten Free Cosmetics are a Must

Last week, Red Apple Lipstick contacted me to contribute to "the Mother of all posts" about "Why Gluten Free Cosmetics".  Since I adore and trust their Tested Gluten Free company, I gleefully said YES! And folks, it is an excellent post.  My part is stellar [...]

Are you looking to amp up your makeup this season?  Pump a little heat into your summer look?  Try swiping on a new lipstick shade!  It's a easy way to drastically change your look without any effort. Here's some blazin' hot gluten free lipstick shades [...]

Tomorrow is the big day!  But as you stand in front of the mirror, all the excitement you should be feeling is draining out through your toes.  A bad dinner choice has made your face break out into a rash that itches mildly, but is [...]

How many times have you dusted on your powder foundation only to find that the mild dry spot by your lip is now looking like a pale cornflake stuck to your face?  Every crack, every line, every rough surface enhanced by the dry powder, while [...]

Gluten Free Makeup List v.2.0. is HERE!

Aaaand here is the latest of all the gluten free cosmetic companies that I currently know of!  If you haven't signed up for the list already, fill out the signup form to the right-> or if you're on the homepage, above ^, to get it!  [...]

COMING SOON: Gluten Free Makeup List v.2.0!

This is the last week of March.  You know what that means?  It's the end of the first quarter and the Gluten Free Makeup List v.2.0 is on it's way!   Coming to a computer near you on MARCH 30!   In the last few [...]

How to Make Money with Gluten Free Makeup

It's time. You're gonna do it.  No more thinking and hemming and hawing.  You're gonna do it!  So you sit down at the computer and start the signup process for Avon.  You're going to make a little money on the side and drop your personal [...]