gluten free nail polish

Where is it!? I dug frantically through my makeup bag as the buildings outside the car flew past. "I could have sworn I packed it. It's not here!" "What's not there?" "Mascara! I forgot mascara!" If I didn't need gluten free makeup, this event would [...]

I'm a sucker for bright colors. Happy, vibrant, glowing, exuberant- these kinds of colors speak to my very soul. But have you noticed that many gluten free and all natural companies tend to stick with more conservative shades? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but...

Haha, actually, I did find out about LONDONTOWN from a reader. ;) She contacted me one day, asking if I knew anything about them. I'd never heard of them, but of course hopped on their website to check 'em out. As it turns out, not [...]

Sadly, it's a tough product to find! With the emphasis placed on moisturizing and conditioning that nail products have, gluten derived ingredients are particularly wide spread. This is their specialty, therefore they are used in almost every nail product imaginable.   In all my gluten [...]