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5 Gluten Free Mascaras Every Gal Should Try

Bad reaction to cosmetics? Tell the FDA!

This is interesting...  From the FDA website: You break out in a head-to-toe rash after applying a sunless tanning lotion. Your son’s skin is red and blotchy after he gets his face painted at the school carnival. Your daughter’s scalp is burned after using a [...]

And then I finally got a chance to see what the girls liked so much about the lip gloss.  I was already head over heels for the lipstick, so was totally primed and ready to test out the gloss.  :D The gloss comes in a [...]

I'll give it to 'ya straight:  I'd about run out of hope for gluten free lipstick.  There's a lot of pretty stuff out there, but most of it is more like colored lip balm than real lipstick. Which, you know, is great for some applications.  [...]

This is the last post in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  *sings to the tune of that line in Owl City's "Dreams Don't Turn to Dust"*  "Lauren Brooke, I'm sad to see you gooooo..."  I've had fun writing about this wonderful company!  Here's hoping you [...]

Pucker up – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Part 4

This is the 4th part in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  I had so much stuff from them to review, I simply could not cram it all into one post.  Well, take that back, I could.  But it was one big, fat, long, meaty post.  [...]

Smooth Over – Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Part 3

This is the third post in the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  I went back and tried so hard to shorten my super-lengthy review, but came to the conclusion that this company just needs a bit of wordiness to do it justice.  So I'm breaking up [...]

This is Part 2 of the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques series.  There's just way too much to say on this fabulous company to squeeze it all into one post and have done it justice.  ;) In this post, I cover all the skin care products I [...]

I ran across Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques fairly early on in my gluten free makeup research.  At first, the less than stellar website turned me off slightly, especially after I clicked a few links in the descriptions that simply did not take me anywhere.  But all [...]

At One Time Secretive, Now a Bit Wiser – CoverGirl

With flashy models like Taylor Swift, Queen Latifa, Christie Brinkley and Drew Barrymore, CoverGirl and its ads draw the consumers eye where ever their products are sold.  Taylor Swift even has a CoverGirl booth at her concerts where her fans can go and get a [...]