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It’s Gluten Free! – Review – Afterglow

From the very beginning of my Gluten Free makeup search, Afterglow has stood out.  Their website rocks, they have all the information I can think of anyone wanting to know about their products right on the website and I have heard many glowing reviews of [...]

Who doesn't love a girl's night out?  What better girl's night out than a night of makeup testing with a makeup artist?  Yeah, we thought so too.  :) This last week, one of the gals at our church invited all the girls to a Mary [...]

  I keep hearing people rave about e.l.f. makeup and have been wanting to try certain products of theirs for a while.  But right after I decided I just had to try their eyeliner, I discovered gluten in my makeup was bothering me.  :(  So [...]