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Red Romance Gluten Free Lipstick

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I love you all so much. This year, will y'all be my valentines? Any kisses I give will be with gluten free lipstick, I promise. ❤ For me this year... Well, it's a bit of downer. It's the first one without my [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Gradient

From now on, Gluten Free Makeup Monday will be a Bi-Weekly series. So next week, there will be no GFMM, but the week after there will be. ;) I've been wanting to try the gradient look for a while now, so finally sat down with [...]

Gluten Free Makeup Monday – Soft Blue Climax

I had something else totally worked out for this Gluten Free Makeup Monday, but something came in the mail Saturday and made me stop in my tracks and go- "YeeeeeHAW let's do something different!!"  Hence GFMM being later in the day instead of in the [...]

Why Gluten Free Cosmetics are a Must

Last week, Red Apple Lipstick contacted me to contribute to "the Mother of all posts" about "Why Gluten Free Cosmetics".  Since I adore and trust their Tested Gluten Free company, I gleefully said YES! And folks, it is an excellent post.  My part is stellar [...]

How to Make Money with Gluten Free Makeup

It's time. You're gonna do it.  No more thinking and hemming and hawing.  You're gonna do it!  So you sit down at the computer and start the signup process for Avon.  You're going to make a little money on the side and drop your personal [...]

You're going about your business of the day, working, talking to your coworkers and eating lunch, etc., and somewhere in the middle of it all nature calls.  As you leave the bathroom, out of pure habit you briefly check your reflection in the mirror- and [...]

I’ve Been Interviewed!

Hey Gluten Free Gals!  Last week, Red Apple Lipstick interviewed me on their blog.  Check it out!

Check 'em out! :D Soon to come colors from Red Apple Lipstick, the gluten free lipstick place! I love I love I love these colors!!  But my very favorite?  Color x4.  It's...  It's wow, gals.  WOW.  Saturated, vibrant, cool undertoned, retro/vintage/timeless red!  I love love [...]